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August 7th, 2019 60 comments

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Big Finish Exclusive Variant 7th Doctor / Dalek Set

You can search for these sets at

You can also check for any sales in Completed Listings

Please note there ARE differences between the big Finish Sets and the B&M sets, some more subtle than others.

This Sold Out item was available for a limited time from

  • Thing of Guile Dalek has silver mid slats (not gold) but no change to the War Doctor
  • The 7th Doctor Has a darker colour jersey and Scarf
  • The 8th doctor has Black not brown boots and there are minor differences on the Dalek
  • Strictly limited quantity of the three Character Options Doctor/Dalek sets for sale online
  • The sets are available from Big Finish ONLY as a bundle.
  • The price is £59.99 for the three sets, plus a £10 courier shipping fee. Overseas shipping is £30.
  • Orders are limited to one set per customer

Big Finish is delighted to confirm that a strictly limited quantity of Character Options Big Finish-inspired Doctor Who action figures are now for sale from

Big Finish listeners and fans of Doctor Who toys were delighted by the announcement in June that three sets of Big Finish Character Options action figures would be available from B&M retail stores in the UK this summer.

The full 2019 line of collectable Doctor Who figures and sets were unveiled on Character Options’ own YouTube channel [] in an unboxing-style video presented by the firm’s Creative Director, Al Dewar.

And now that the three sets have been fully revealed, as a treat for Big Finish listeners, a limited supply are available to buy from These figures are available for both UK and overseas customers. But be quick! Once they are gone, they’re gone!

Amongst these great new collectables, the three unique Doctor and Dalek twin packs inspired by Big Finish stories are:

The Eighth Doctor and Dalek Interrogator Prime Action Figure Set – showing the fully articulated Doctor dressed in jeans and double breasted jacket from Dark Eyes, plus an Interrogator Dalek which the Eighth Doctor faces in the Time War.

The War Doctor and Dalek Scientist Action Figure Set – containing the Doctor as played by John Hurt in the War Doctor audio episodes, whilst the Dalek included is a scientist and works independently of High Command.

The Seventh Doctor and Axis Strike Squad Dalek Action Figure Set
– featuring the Time Lord as played by Sylvester McCoy in the Gallifrey VI series with one of the bronze Daleks that have taken over the AXIS.

Nicholas Briggs, executive producer of Big Finish, told us how he felt about Big Finish’s first action figures: “There’s something magical about the Character Options Doctor Who figures, and not just because I bought boxes and boxes of them for my son! I’ve always felt that they were made with great love and with the fans in mind – much like Big Finish stories.

“Al Dewar from Character Options and I have kept up a dialogue, virtually since Doctor Who returned to TV back in 2005, so it’s really great that this has finally come together. What do you mean, you don’t believe I bought the figures for my son? I mean, I’ve never played with them myself… never… ever… Well, maybe there was just that one time…”

Jason Haigh-Ellery, executive producer of Big Finish, added: “Thanks to Character Options we finally have action figures representing characterisations of the Doctor as heard in Big Finish’s audio drama. I was very excited to see these first sets take shape, and I look forward to seeing many more in the future!”

Al Dewar commented: “It was huge fun to reveal by video the entire new collection. We are incredibly proud of this summer 2019 line up and believe that the fans will be equally delighted with each product that is to be launched. Our loyal following of collectors are always keen to gain a first glimpse of what’s new and doing this in such a personal style was important to us. The next stage is to see the range in stores!”

The three Big Finish-inspired sets are now available in a very limited supply. They are available ONLY as a bundle together priced at just £59.99, with an additional £10 courier shipping fee for the UK, or £30 for overseas shipping.

These sets are strictly limited to ONE per customer.

For those who reside in the UK, these sets will also be available from your local B&M retail store later this month.

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  • Doctor…Who?

    April 22nd, 2020 - 9:11am

    When I got the Big Finish set bundle, the thing that really annoyed me was the fact that you had to get all three of the sets, when I only wanted the 7th and War Doctor ones.

    • booboo

      April 22nd, 2020 - 9:15am

      you could look to sell them on some time in the future if you really don’t want them.

  • TheDoctorWhoCollector

    August 17th, 2019 - 9:54pm

    Booboo do you think the thrill of the hunt is part of collecting, also perhaps having an item in a collection that is rare and hard to come by.

    • booboo

      August 17th, 2019 - 10:07pm

      part of it yes but i would never pay over the odds for anything

    • TheDoctorWhoCollector

      August 18th, 2019 - 12:18am

      Well said Booboo, keep within a budget and enjoy what you have got.

  • Bundy

    August 17th, 2019 - 4:23pm

    Looking at the eBay links at the top of the page it seems someone has got there hands on multiple sets as there are the same sets with the same backgrounds in both.

    • booboo

      August 17th, 2019 - 6:31pm

      i thought that to but the sellers are miles apart and i can’t quite match the backgounds

    • Jon666

      August 18th, 2019 - 6:44am

      They did, i checked it was the same seller, looks like only one per customer didn’t work

    • booboo

      August 18th, 2019 - 9:42am

      odd that one is in Hereford and the other in Thatcham

    • MJS

      August 18th, 2019 - 8:34am

      eBay is now set up so you can use pre-existing images rather than post your own, when selling.

  • Anonymous

    August 17th, 2019 - 7:56am

    What are the differences between the dalek in this set?

    • Gareth Pugh

      August 17th, 2019 - 2:09pm

      None, only the Doctor figure has a difference (darker jumper) for this set.

    • Anonymous

      August 18th, 2019 - 8:15am

      Thanks, I guess War Doctor set is the only one I really need to try and hunt down then as I quite like the silver slats.

  • David Hawkins

    August 17th, 2019 - 2:06am

    I hate how the ebay sellers get their hands on these sets first and sell them for stupid amounts.

  • Anonymous

    August 14th, 2019 - 10:29pm

    Can’t believe someone sold these on e bay for nearly £500!! No way were they a true collector to do this..give us true collectors a chance….grrrr

    • Jack Oates

      August 15th, 2019 - 8:53am

      Yeah but just stick a sticker on them, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them and the regulars.

    • Anonymous

      August 17th, 2019 - 10:56am

      Unfortunately the only way to stop the Ebay sellers doing this is to not buy off them. But people will always pay massively over the odds for something they want. Personally I refuse to pay anymore than they are supposed to be sold for.

  • Anonymous

    August 14th, 2019 - 1:02pm

    What colour is the Dalek’s eye?

    • Wholords2

      August 14th, 2019 - 1:32pm

      Blue, it’s the interrogator prime dalek that has a white eye

  • Anonymous

    August 14th, 2019 - 11:12am

    One on E Bay for £150!!!

  • Anonymous

    August 14th, 2019 - 9:27am

    Did those £600 sets on eBay sell???

    • booboo

      August 14th, 2019 - 9:43am

      they excepted offers but have now relisted, so they either had more than one of each or the “buyer” refused to pay

  • James Lee

    August 8th, 2019 - 6:01pm

    I wonder how these 3 big finish variants are going to go for on ebay since they are now sold out. I’m going to have to pay over the odds, but that is the price I pay for being a completist.

    • Anonymous

      August 10th, 2019 - 4:13pm

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they were £300 – £500 each based on how much the UK100 Time Crash sets went for when they were resold…

    • Anonymous

      August 11th, 2019 - 12:16pm

      There were 3000 of the time crash sets. Each numbered.

    • booboo

      August 11th, 2019 - 12:24pm

      there was a UK version without the card, there were supposedly only about 100 of them hence the UK100 name

    • prototype dalek

      August 11th, 2019 - 1:05pm

      And the UK100 set’s only go for about £80-£100 each now, sometimes even less. Both time crash sets tend to trade around the same kind of price now so in a few years I expect this to happen with these sets as well

    • booboo

      August 11th, 2019 - 1:12pm

      there is always that initial price serge seen it so many times,the 3.75 chases, the Rivernought wave, someone paid i think £120 for a figure that was in the shops a week later. even the 3rd Doctor Tardis I’ve seen go for around £30.

    • prototype dalek

      August 11th, 2019 - 4:18pm

      Just a cycle really. They come out, prices shoot up initially because of sudden demand, then after a weeks to months prices settle to either the original RRP or just above when demand goes, like you said booboo with the 3.75″ chase figures and 3rd doctor TARDIS set.

    • Dalek Command

      August 13th, 2019 - 11:04am

      600 Pounds each on EBay now

    • booboo

      August 13th, 2019 - 11:14am

      bound to happen to a few. They are never worth that anyway

    • Anonymous

      August 13th, 2019 - 8:32pm

      Review copy speedily signed or is this a BF variant?

    • booboo

      August 13th, 2019 - 9:03pm

      That a B&m set although the user name looks familiar i think they have had CO items in the past

    • prototype dalek

      August 13th, 2019 - 10:43pm

      Apparently dedicated as well, so unless you know a David, probably won’t sell well.

  • Anonymous

    August 8th, 2019 - 1:53am

    They should have given us a New Rose and then the sets would have sold out…made the 9th Doc a Hologram version and paint the Autons suit a different shade and it would have been a huge hit!

    • Jack Oates

      August 8th, 2019 - 5:10pm

      These sold out in minutes, B&M had stock of Rose, 9 and auton for 2 years. It’s clear which sells better.

    • booboo

      August 8th, 2019 - 5:32pm

      not really a comparison though, 150 variant sets to 4000 already released figures

    • Anonymous

      August 8th, 2019 - 7:46pm

      There are enough figures from new Who. People care about classic Who/ early noughties Who (mainly because of Big Finish but partially for other reasons), so now is the time for the classic series to get all the attention that the new series got in relation to the figure sets.

  • Simplyzak09

    August 7th, 2019 - 8:20pm

    I thought these wouldn’t be on sale until after the main stock had arrived at B&M.

    • booboo

      August 7th, 2019 - 8:43pm

      that’s was originally said

    • Anonymous

      August 12th, 2019 - 9:43am

      So, released earlier than expected, very very limited edition size, listed during the middle of the week, middle of the working day and during the early part of August. Perhaps the thinking was that most people would either be away on holiday or busy during the day at work. That way the sets may last a bit longer online before finally selling out. If that was the plan then it backfired spectacularly!

  • patchampyoutuber

    August 7th, 2019 - 7:19pm

    sold out before anybody new they were for sale, so angry

  • The1stDoctor903

    August 7th, 2019 - 3:50pm

    There was no warning about these coming in from Big Finish otherwise I’d have definitely brought one.

    How many of these bundle sets were released?

    Dreadfully disappointed. I know it’s supposed to be a limited edition thing but I wonder how many people actually knew they would be released today?

    • CaptainJimiPie

      August 7th, 2019 - 4:24pm

      Well if they are limited to 150 sets each, 3 sets per bundle that means there’s only 50 bundles…if I’ve got the maths right?

      Also they probably didn’t give an exact date to avoid people crashing their website by sitting there and waiting for them to update the page every few moments until they went on sale

    • booboo

      August 7th, 2019 - 4:40pm

      i assume it was 150 of each individual set, so 150 bundles

    • The1stDoctor903

      August 7th, 2019 - 4:58pm

      I think it was 150 complete bundles from what others have said- however that is by the by.

      Still disappointing none-the-less, I like many others don’t have the opportunity always to read my twitter feed or follow Social Media constantly due to work shifts to know these where coming so some advanced warning would’ve been helpful- if people still then missed out, then that’s hard luck.

      There was evidently a demand for them so would be great if a second batch, even if of similar quantity was released… But I suppose we’ll never know.

    • Anonymous

      August 14th, 2019 - 8:55am

      What’s on the packaging? Does it specifically state a limited edition size of 150? Are they individually numbered? eg ‘no 26 of 150’. If not then there is an opportunity to give genuine collectors a chance by producing another run of these variants, just increase the edition size. It would also knock back those opportunists who’ve put their sets onto auction sites.

      Let’s see how well the B&M stock sells, if there’s still some left after a reasonable amount of time then some could be recalled for repainting. No need to manufacture more figures, just repaint and repackage them. if I’ve read the comments correctly then the only packaging difference is the limited edition sticker.

    • booboo

      August 14th, 2019 - 9:02am

      Send them back to China for repaint, unpack and repackage and then send the back to the UK for resale?

      Would cost an absolute fortune.

    • Anonymous

      August 14th, 2019 - 9:46am

      Or the repainting and repackaging could be done closer. In the UK or even Europe. Small companies or even teams of freelance work.China may be the point of manufacture but once shipped it becomes part of B&M’s stock. If it remains unsold taking up space in warehouses or shops then finding an alternative way of converting stock back into profits just might be appealing. Even if the reprocessing costs eats into those profits.

    • booboo

      August 14th, 2019 - 9:52am

      that’s desperation to go to those lengths, and if they sold that badly to have to resort to that sort of tactic we will never see another Big Finish set again.

  • Azaan

    August 7th, 2019 - 3:26pm

    are all the sets in B&m

    • booboo

      August 7th, 2019 - 3:32pm

      they will be

    • Anonymous

      August 7th, 2019 - 7:50pm

      Not the big finish variants. These are totally exclusive

    • booboo

      August 7th, 2019 - 8:04pm

      thought they meant all the Dalek sets, yes not these BF exclusive sets

  • Daniel

    August 7th, 2019 - 3:07pm

    Why do they make these things so rare all the time? BTW at local B and M they still have the 9th Doctor Rose and Auton set, they cant give those away it seems, probably as its new series merhandise and so less desirable.

    • Anonymous

      August 7th, 2019 - 3:48pm

      But without the new series these would not exist.

    • booboo

      August 7th, 2019 - 3:57pm

      its was the only set with out variants really so I’m not surprised myself

    • Whoiswho

      August 7th, 2019 - 3:55pm

      That set had no new stuff in it so most people had them already

    • Anonymous

      August 7th, 2019 - 5:03pm

      Ah, so the ninth, rose and auton were reissued rather than altered boo boo. That would explain why there are some left.

    • booboo

      August 7th, 2019 - 5:19pm

      yes, and to be frank non of the figures were rare of obscure either.

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