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December 11th, 2020 23 comments

All Things – Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious

You can see our All Things Time Lord Victorious list Here.

I’m sure many have seen the numerous Time Lord Victorious lists around so we thought we would add our own, but with the main focus on merchandise.

Although everything Time Lord Victorious related is listed (we think!), and we have made it interactive so you can see at a glance what interests you the most, our list includes all merchandise including variants perhaps not seen elsewhere.

This feature will be updated as new items are announced.

Please note some release dates will, or have changed due to the ongoing pandemic and can vary between different retailers

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  • Bunter

    December 13th, 2020 - 11:26am

    How is everyone enjoying TLV so far? I’ve read the three DWM ‘Monstrous Beauty’ strips, the two issues of ‘Defenders of the Daleks’ and the first novel, and watched all of Daleks!, and yesterday I finally started the audios with short trip ‘Master Thief’. I plan to smash through the other audios quickly in the next week before reading the second novel. And so far, I find it all… fine. Nothing has me itching to return to it in the immediate future, although I suspect it will be good to do it all again once it’s all available, with a preferred ‘consuming order’. None of it has been a game changer for me so far, though. In fact, the material I found most interesting so far was the booklet with the first figurine set. What is everyone else’s opinion?

    Bit surprised that some people won’t get Echoes of Extinction if it’s download only. I completely understand wanting the physical product, because I do too, but surely the story is more important than the owning? In an ideal world I would have every DW CD that BF have ever done, lined up in order, but unfortunately it’s just not possible. I do understand, but it seems a shame not to hear it at all.

    • Doctor Stu

      December 13th, 2020 - 2:44pm

      Blogtor who seems to have he TLV order that makes the most sense. Once you get to all flesh is grass you can follow the rest of the story whatever way you want but this is the way I’m doing it

      Time lord victorious order:

      – Dalek Emperor/ drone figurine Eaglemoss short story
      – Daleks YouTube series
      – Defender of the Daleks: Tenth Doctor Comic
      – Dawn of the Kotturuh newsletter
      – Doctor who annual
      – Echoes of extinction: Eighth Doctor half (audio)
      – He kills me, he kills me not: Eighth Doctor (audio)
      – The knight, the foal and the dead: Tenth Doctor novel
      – Monstrous beauty 1,2,3. Ninth Doctor comic
      – Enemy of my enemy: Eighth Doctor (audio)
      – All Flesh is grass is the meeting point of, nine, ten, eight and his Daleks (novel)
      – Mission to the known, Dalek commander and Dalek scientist Eaglemoss
      – Mutually assured destruction: (audio)
      – Exit strategy: Dalek executioner and Dalek strategist (Eaglemoss)
      – Genetics of the Daleks: Fourth Doctor (audio)
      – Master thief/ lesser evils: The Master (audio)
      – Minds of Magnox: Tenth Doctor (audio)
      – Echoes of extinction: Tenth Doctor half (audio)

    • Anonymous

      December 15th, 2020 - 12:46am

      I’m not interested in anything other than the books and comics so I can’t comment on the audios, I’m sure people will like them though, just not for me. I enjoyed monstrous beauty but did find the last part a bit swift, it needed more pages. Defender of the daleks was decent but I wasn’t keen on the art unlike the excellent monstrous art. I did love both novels novels though.

    • CommanderRed

      December 18th, 2020 - 4:39am

      Personally, I’m kinda mad about Echoes of Extinction being download only (effectively, for us outside the UK) because I *don’t* normally buy all the physical releases.
      I thought I’d treat myself just for this special event thing – get all the CDs instead of just downloads, get the comics which I don’t normally do, get the Annual which I don’t normally do, get some of the figurines which I don’t normally do…

      And then when I had already committed and pre-ordered lots of stuff they announced the vinyl exclusive, ASDA exclusive release which is the only release featuring David Tennant, and which bookends the entire series… so it SHOULD be the centrepiece of any TLV collection but instead it’s unavailable for me to put on my shelf.

  • Sam H

    December 12th, 2020 - 9:47pm

    Well my order for sets 2&3 from forbidden planet keep getting pushed back and back

    • Bunter

      December 13th, 2020 - 11:16am

      Same here, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s January now.

  • the ergon

    December 11th, 2020 - 10:48pm

    If only Echoes of Extinction had been on audio cd but i suppose thats the Random variation with this series and wherever you want to jump on board. It doesn,t make any difference. Its only the same as as missing the odd big finish cd release as far as i,m concerned and it does appear standalone. I would like the TLV dalek series to appear on Blu-Ray at some point.

    • Doctor Stu

      December 11th, 2020 - 11:02pm

      Echoes of extinction is the last part of Tennants story but it’s starts off eights story. It’s the first part, it then moves to he kills me he kills me not, enemy of my enemy and then onto all flesh is grass where it syncs up with ten, nine and the Daleks stories and then moves off to mutually assured destruction, with the Daleks mission the known, exit strategy, hollow planet, genetics of the Daleks.

      So I’m hoping echoes of extinction can actually stand alone. Because if not we then have to wait until February before we can start a good portion of the story.

      If you’re planning on going in order you can really only get to the knight, the foal and the dead before you have to stop and wait until February

    • Crosby

      December 12th, 2020 - 7:33am

      You can still get it as a download

    • Doctor13

      December 12th, 2020 - 7:36am

      Echoes of extinction vinyl side 1 is 8th Doctor side 2 is 10th Doctor

    • the ergon

      December 12th, 2020 - 10:17am

      I don,t feel i,m missing out or that the other stories are that relevant. Having listened He kills me and enemy of my enemy there isn,t much to suggest this is of a wider picture. I don,t feel compelled to listen or see it all to realise i am missing out. Fine if you want a broader scope of the narrative but the cds and the animations are suffice. I,m not a fan of digital downloads, i prefer to physically own although I no longer collect vinyl . Looking forward to recieving ‘Genetics’ any day now.

    • Doctor Stu

      December 12th, 2020 - 7:46pm

      There’s a good portion that’s definitely relevant though. They say you can do everything on its own but it’s not exactly true. To listen to minds of Magnox, you need all flesh is grass, to read all flesh is grass you need to have read the knight, the foal and the dead, to do knight, the foal and the dead, you need defender of the Daleks. And the eighth Doctor brings his Daleks from his audio trilogy into all flesh is grass. The very fact that all flesh is grass is a sequel to the knight, the foal and the dead kind of makes the ‘you can experience everything on its own’ argument fall a bit flat.

      Not that I’m complaining as I plan to get everything (apart from the live interactive elements) but for people who can’t afford everything

    • the ergon

      December 13th, 2020 - 12:14am

      I can,t speak for the books etc but the cds as standalone are working out fine so far. If it were to diverge into something that i have no understanding of, i would leave this series of stories be. They did that a lot with a lot of the older Big Finish Titles by sneaking in New characters to a story so you would have to follow someone elses journey through(saying that i did enjoy the Evelyn and Erimem adventures). I did get wise to that and stuck to characters i wanted to listen to. Its much better with the boxsets now, most of the time you know where you stand with whos involved in the stories and allowing just separate adventures. It just depends how you feel about continuation and whether you can afford to invest a lot of time and money in all these new characters.

    • Doctor Stu

      December 13th, 2020 - 4:04pm

      The download isn’t out until February Crosby

  • Anonymous

    December 11th, 2020 - 10:14pm

    Have those been confirmed as the figures in the 4th set? I was really hoping for the Kotturuh to be included. The 4th set is the last of the Time Lord Victorious line isn’t it, so last chance for them to do it?

    • Doctor13

      December 12th, 2020 - 7:38am

      Time lord Victorious set 4 is 10th Doctor in his time lord robes and Brian the ood


    December 11th, 2020 - 9:52pm

    I hope the Daleks web series is released on DVD/Bluray. I’m sure it will be in some form or other,

  • Doctor Stu

    December 11th, 2020 - 8:09pm

    Have you tried having a go at putting it in a narrative order? I’ve tried my best and I think I’ve pretty much got it. But then the BBC revealed their story order and it didn’t actually make any sense, it ended up being wrong. And there’s a few more orders which contradict each other so every time I have a crack, something else seems to mess it up

  • Loobop

    December 11th, 2020 - 5:31pm

    why is the timelord victorious figurine issue #4 released so late? surely January would make more sense considering the last 2 issues are this month.Not like it’s figurines are a spoiler we all know about tenth doctor in timelord gear and the ood from other merchandise released early on.

    • booboo

      December 11th, 2020 - 5:55pm

      it might be earlier, production/ shipment delays are the name of the game this year

    • prototype dalek

      December 11th, 2020 - 6:03pm

      Plus I think set #4 is non Dalek so probably took a bit more longer on the producing side than the Dalek sets.

    • The Outcast

      December 12th, 2020 - 8:27am

      Yeah, set 4 is supposed to be TLV 10 and Brian, with the short story about Brian and his origins.

    • Sam H

      December 12th, 2020 - 9:46pm

      Well my order for sets 2&3 from forbidden planet keep getting pushed back and back

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