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Character 2014 Proposed Doctor Who Range

Character 2014 Proposed Doctor Who Range. Some items subject to change and approval. Not all items are the final product and may be just prototypes…

535 21 Jan 2014

Doctor Who The Moonbase DVD

The TARDIS arrives in 2070 on the Moon, where a weather control station under the command of a man named Hobson is in the grip of a plague epidemic …

620 18 Jan 2014

Doctor Who – 10th Doctor Mr Potato Head

Hop in the TARDIS with Mr. Potato Head as he pays homage to the last known survivor of “Galli-Fry”, DOCTOR WHO in his light-hearted Tenth incarnation!”…

26 16 Jan 2014

Doctor Who Adventures issue 337

Doctor Who Adventures magazine is giving fans the chance to win their own Dalek worth over £3,000! To enter, readers must collect three tokens…

10 16 Jan 2014

The Companion Chronicles 8.07 Luna Romana

The search for the final segment of the Key to Time takes the Doctor and the First Romana to Ancient Rome. The Time Lady is appalled when her companion…

0 13 Jan 2014