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Doctor Who – The Complete Guide

From humble beginnings in November 1963, Doctor Who has become a quintessential element of popular culture. With a comprehensive guide to every…

10 13 May 2013

An Important Note on Spoilers

As some of you may know due to an error in the USA some series 7b DVD and Blu-ray Sets have been sent out early. It is probably inevitable that these will…

116 13 May 2013

Doctor Who: A History

Airing the day after JFK’s assassination, the first episode, “An Unearthly Child,” humbly launched one of the entertainment world’s first…

2 13 May 2013

Quick Competition Win A SFX Dalek (Closed)

We have a Brand New Bronze SFX Talking Dalek in today’s give-away. Usual Rules apply – Just leave an appropriate comment of some sort in the comment box …

219 12 May 2013