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March 22nd, 2013 51 comments

11th Doctor Medium Talking Plush + LED Light

11th-Doctor-PlushDoctor Who – The 11th Doctor Medium Talking Plush with LED Light

Travel through time and space with Doctor Who!

Based on the incredibly popular television series, this brilliant plush toy embodies that distinctive look and feel of the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world, that is to say, retro futuristic!

Showcasing the 11th Doctor in plush form, complete with bow-tie (because bow-ties are cool) and his ever trusty sonic screwdriver which comes with a green LED light and sound effects!

Sound effects may include but are not limited to: the spoken phrase ‘Hello I’m the Doctor’ and sounds from the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

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  • Radburn

    July 16th, 2013 - 2:48pm

    FP emailed me today & said it’s been pushed back to late October for release…

    • Radburn

      November 11th, 2013 - 4:22pm

      After ordering this back in March FP Int are now shipping it out at last…

    • Radburn

      November 13th, 2013 - 1:55pm

      Turned up today! Smaller than I expected (From the Promo pics) but at least it actually is Matt Smith’s voice saying “Hello, I’m the Doctor” & the light-up Sonic with the “Sonic” sound is great…

  • a dedicated whovian

    April 21st, 2013 - 5:48pm

    i just found out this is available from july for any one who is intrested

  • a dedicated whovian

    April 21st, 2013 - 5:42pm

    i cant find this anywhere? when will it be available to buy?

    • trenzalore

      April 21st, 2013 - 5:50pm

      it might be in forbidden planet when tt’s out

  • Lilahp

    March 28th, 2013 - 1:56am

    Cannot find it in the links shown. Please help a Whovian out?

  • Lilahp

    March 28th, 2013 - 1:54am

    Cannot find it at the links shown. Help a Whovian out?

  • Cate

    March 24th, 2013 - 11:51am

    Ok he does look a bit weird, but I defiantly want one.

  • Commander Cool

    March 24th, 2013 - 9:02am

    The latest merchandise like this really seems to be offending Matt

  • Liason Ice

    March 24th, 2013 - 5:09am

    Hahaha Want one so much 🙂

  • time and relotive dimens

    March 23rd, 2013 - 1:08pm

    dosent even look like the doctor

    • McGann is The Doctor

      March 23rd, 2013 - 1:46pm

      Looks like a monkeh

    • eddy

      March 23rd, 2013 - 2:39pm

      it really does look like a monkey 🙂

    • time and relotive dimens

      March 23rd, 2013 - 2:55pm

      and have you noticed the sonic. i think its just going to be a brown plastic stick with a green scribble on top. and he isnt looking forard its a bit like the eye thing on seeds of doom tom baker action figure and his hail us uttaly wrong !!!

    • TARDIS

      March 23rd, 2013 - 7:31pm

      Yeah he does 🙂

    • TARDIS

      March 23rd, 2013 - 7:32pm

      I ment he does look like matt but the sonic doesn’t

    • HarryReeves2000

      March 26th, 2013 - 3:17pm

      Just imagine it at the end of your bed, with its eyes at a side staring at YOU. A CRIMSON HORROR

  • Mels

    March 23rd, 2013 - 12:50pm

    Heehee, part Doctor, part troll doll, but you know you want one!

    *Grabs plushie and runs off*

  • DoctorWhoFan101

    March 23rd, 2013 - 8:27am

    I…I…I…I *bursts out with excitment* YEHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • ForeverDalek2313

    March 22nd, 2013 - 11:30pm

    I think I will pass on this completely.
    I still have nightmares with a talking pikachu plush I used to have.
    *shiver* you’d be sleeping and in the middle of the night and from the toybox you could hear its voice saying pikachu over and over again.
    *screams like little girl and runs away to hug a Dalek*

    • eddy

      March 23rd, 2013 - 12:08am

      really funny story 🙂 know what you mean!

    • Sam Bentley

      March 23rd, 2013 - 12:13am

      I had a toy of Woody from Toy Story, which I loved to bits… But at night its eyes used to stare at me… Or at least seven year old me thought they did… And once it fell off of my desk in the middle if the night and said ‘Howdy partner!’ SCARIEST. THING. EVER. XD

    • Anonymous

      March 23rd, 2013 - 1:10am

      As some of you may know, I have a smiler head from doctor who, and he know sits at the top of my room, looking down at me with his smiley face, it scares the &$#+% out of me seriously, couldn’t sleep for a few hours, one night it fell onto my bed, at my feet. Will never forget

    • eddy

      March 23rd, 2013 - 1:12am

      Last post was from me

  • Radburn

    March 22nd, 2013 - 10:08pm

    How could you not want one? Having seen the video with the Sonic sounds & actually lighting up sold it for me!

    • Dread63

      July 8th, 2013 - 6:53am

      I thought the sonic was lit up in this photo. Is that not the case? (I’m hoping it looks cooler than this.) Thank you.

  • drjakeyoung

    March 22nd, 2013 - 10:07pm

    i wander if that is actually Matt Smith’s hair sewed into the doll? 😮

    • Mels

      March 23rd, 2013 - 12:51pm

      I think he has enough hair to make several thousand dolls. 😛

  • Sebatron

    March 22nd, 2013 - 9:46pm

    He is so cute!


    March 22nd, 2013 - 9:11pm

    What if his hair falls out?! :£

  • UDWF1

    March 22nd, 2013 - 8:27pm

    Nice to see they’re actually gonna release this one. We never got the Silent and Judoon.

    • Radburn

      March 22nd, 2013 - 10:04pm

      Just a question of time…


    March 22nd, 2013 - 8:26pm

    Aw so cute I really want one. But why his old outfit? And the hair and his face are just like matt’s!

    • TARDIS

      March 22nd, 2013 - 8:27pm

      When’s it coming out

    • Radburn

      March 22nd, 2013 - 10:05pm

      Listed at FP for 31st July at £15.99p.


    March 22nd, 2013 - 7:25pm

    don’t know if this is working for me.

    • TARDIS

      March 22nd, 2013 - 9:09pm


  • The TARDIS

    March 22nd, 2013 - 5:46pm

    This looks like something out of pogles wood!

  • doctorpond393

    March 22nd, 2013 - 4:42pm

    How come they’re using the old logo with the “DW” in the middle?

    • josh smith

      March 22nd, 2013 - 4:43pm

      that still is the logo?

    • joe

      March 22nd, 2013 - 4:54pm

      They removed the “DW” from the logo.

    • eddy

      March 22nd, 2013 - 5:01pm

      you say that but on some classic figures and statues (weta) they use the 10th doctor logo, i don’t mind either way

    • booboo

      March 22nd, 2013 - 5:03pm

      This was shown over a year ago so i doubt they have been able to change the packaging

    • josh smith

      March 22nd, 2013 - 5:04pm

      did they? then its a pointless logo with out the DW the DW is the only good thing about the matt smith era oh + the original matt smith them tune

    • Esterath

      March 22nd, 2013 - 5:09pm

      Personally, I like it better with the DW logo at the end. And I love the new theme tune. 🙂

  • Sam Bentley

    March 22nd, 2013 - 4:25pm

    Wish he was in the new series clothes, still might get thus though.

  • Angel Of Death

    March 22nd, 2013 - 4:03pm

    Want this

  • mr

    March 22nd, 2013 - 3:49pm

    I love the hair!

    I’ll get this!

  • The Flying Shark

    March 22nd, 2013 - 3:18pm

    That just looks strange.

  • Tardis’nt

    March 22nd, 2013 - 3:12pm

    How Cute!


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