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Genesis Ark and Dalek Gift Set

Recreate scenes from the episode ‘Doomsday’. Includes: Dalek Thay, Sec, Jast, Caan from the Cult of Skaro and Genesis Ark…

62 11 Jun 2006

The Dalek Conquests

Exterminate! Everything you wanted to know about the Daleks – but were too afraid to ask…

1 21 May 2006

Tomb of the Cybermen

On the planet Telos, the Doctor and his friends encounter a party of archaeologists…

0 1 May 2006

The Reign Of Terror

The TARDIS brings the Doctor to Robespierre’s Paris, where they find the French Revolution in full swing…

2 7 Feb 2006

The Tardis Playset

Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with the Tardis playset. Includes: lift out access panels, hatstand, pilot seat and console…

54 11 Jan 2006

The Invasion

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover that International Electromagnetics has a vice-like grip on the world’s technology…

0 9 Jan 2006

The Tenth Planet

The year is 1986, and at the South Pole the crew of the Snowcap Base have detected a new planet on their radar…

0 7 Jan 2006

City of Death

The Doctor and Romana visit Paris for a holiday. When the Mona Lisa is stolen…

10 24 Nov 2005

Travels in Time and Space

This superbly illustrated, limited edition tin contains the complete readings of 3 Doctor Who novelisations…

2 2 Nov 2005
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