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The Stolen Earth Set

This set features 5” action figures from the finale of Doctor Who Series 4, including, Davros, Supreme Dalek…

30 8 Sep 2008

Series 4 Figures Wave 1.5

An additional wave known as wave 1.5 consists of Davros, The Supreme Dalek and The Judoon Captain along with…

13 8 Aug 2008

The Fires Of Pompeii Set

The Fires of Pompeii delux figure set enables you to recreate scenes from the second episode of Series 4…

23 24 Jul 2008

12″ Supreme Dalek

The 12″ Radio Controlled Supreme Dalek featured in Two episodes from series Four…

13 7 Jul 2008

Classic Series Dalek Set

Classic series Dalek set includes 3 Daleks from: The Dead Planet, Genesis of the Daleks and Planet of the Daleks…

28 6 Jul 2008