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Doctor Who 11th Doctor in Spacesuit

The second wave of Doctor Who POP! have only just been released – and it seems fans just can’t get enough. We have two new limited edition POP! – which will…

45 16 Mar 2016

Doctor Who Captain Jack Vortex Manipulator

This version of Jack Harkness sees him wearing his Vortex Manipulator on his wrist – the whole right arm has been re-modelled. He also comes with a blue…

11 16 Mar 2016

Doctor Who Funko Pop! K9

Limited edition of the trusty companion of both 4th and later Doctor’s assistant Sarah Jane Smith. K-9 was made by Professor Marius in the year 5000…

44 18 Feb 2016

Doctor Who Pop! Vinyl Materialising Tardis

This is a limited edition version of the fab TARDIS 6″ POP!. This version is made with part of the ship being shown as not fully materialised yet (clear plastic elements)…

15 11 Dec 2015

Doctor Who Pop! Funko Evolving Dalek

This has to be the best Doctor Who limited edition POP – ever. Dalek Sec portrayed with outer body open, revealing the new, evolving, Hybrid Dalek within…

28 18 Sep 2015

Pop! Vinyl Protector Hard Acrylic Case

As the prices of some rare POP! continue to accelerate upwards, fans and collectors are looking for something substantial to store their most valued POP! figures in…

14 17 Aug 2015

Doctor Who Pop! Funko Black Dalek Sec (UK)

Of all the new upcoming POP series, Doctor Who has been amongst the most demanded. As everyone knows the show is a legend in the UK but has become massive…

18 9 Jul 2015
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