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Battle to Save the Universe Board Game

Traverse the board, spinning the spinner to move. As you land on the home spaces you may pick up enemy discs, or battle to steal them from other players…

15 26 Apr 2010

The Time Wars Family Game

The Time Wars Family Game – Doctor Who with a twist! Innovative flipboard gameplay brings time travelling to your lounge straight from the great new series.

10 22 Apr 2010

Series 5 Top Trumps specials

Series 5 Top Trumps: The latest in the popular Top Trumps series of Doctor Who cards featuring new Doctor Matt Smith and companion Amy Pond…

21 14 Apr 2010

Cubicle 7 Adventures in Time and Space RPG

We are the Earth’s best defence against the myriad alien forces who would try to subjugate and conquer our planet. Try they might, but they will meet UNIT…

9 20 Feb 2010

Facts and Trivia

Turn the TARDIS to point to a question and as if by magic it will revolve to the correct answer…

1 15 Jun 2007

Doctor Who Uno

Featuring 15 character cards representing heroes, villains and iconic imagery from Dr Who

1 15 Jun 2007

Doctor Who – Operation

The arch enemy of Doctor Who is finally captured. Now you have the chance to operate…

5 14 Jun 2007

Time Travelling Action Game

Alien life forms are plotting to alter the course of time; you are the Doctor battling to save the universe…

2 19 Mar 2007
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