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The Black Archive 2 The Massacre

The Massacre (1966), a serial of disputed authorship, of which no video copy is known to survive, was one of the last of Doctor Who’s ‘past’ stories as…

5 27 Apr 2016

The Black Archive 1 Rose

Scriptwriter and showrunner Russell T Davies introduced his version of the Doctor through the eyes of Rose Tyler, a shop assistant unfulfilled in both her job …

3 1 Apr 2016

The Target Book New Edition Hardback

A new edition of the popular and acclaimed guide to the Doctor Who Target paperback range of novelisations. With an additional Appendix covering Audio and the…

6 18 Mar 2016

Doctor Who and the Hero’s Journey

The Doctor is certainly the legend with untold faces, the mythic hero who dies to save mankind only to return, regenerated into an undying god with new …

2 7 Mar 2016

Saturday Night Monsters

Explore the world of the hit tv series Doctor Who as viewed and written by fans in this compilation of articles, reviews, features and humour covering the series…

0 7 Mar 2016
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