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Torchwood – SkyPoint

SkyPoint is the latest high-rise addition to the ever-developing Cardiff skyline…

0 13 May 2008

I am a Dalek

Equipped with space suits, golf clubs and a flag, the Doctor and Rose are planning to live it up…

2 17 Apr 2008

Wishing Well

The old village well is just a curiosity – something to attract tourists intrigued by stories of lost treasure…

3 17 Mar 2008

Torchwood – Trace Memory

Tiger Bay, Cardiff, 1950: A mysterious crate is brought into the docks on a Scandinavian cargo ship…

0 13 Feb 2008

K9 and The Zeta Rescue

We have an emergency. K9 return to Control immediately!’ K9 was flight-testing his new spacecraft K-NEL when the space controller’s voice…

0 17 Jan 1985

K9 and The Time Trap

The entire Rigelian Seventh Fleet can’t just disappear. Apart from anything else it’s against orders. So you do what you are hired to do…

0 17 Jan 1985

K9 and The Missing Planet

When K9 arrived on Tellus, he was immediately shot through tubes, along conveyors, up escalators, down gravity shafts -and into the office…

0 17 Jan 1985
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