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IDW Doctor Who Annual 2011

The Eleventh Doctor materializes in his first Annual! This oversized issue contains three complete stories by an all-star lineup, featuring critically acclaimed Echoes …

6 14 Oct 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 10

Bodysnatchers: Part 1 of 2! Finding themselves inside an alien asylum, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory discover that many of the human patients within…

0 14 Oct 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 09

Arriving on a familiar looking space station, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and new travelling companion Kevin—a cybernetic dinosaur—find a scientific crew…

0 14 Sep 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 08

The stunning conclusion of “When Worlds Collide”! Can the Doctor find his TARDIS in time to keep the amusement park planet from being destroyed?…

0 13 Sep 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 07

When Worlds Collide: Part 2 of 3—Separated into three worlds, the Doctor battles dinosaurs on a flying carpet, Rory pulls the sword in the stone

0 14 Aug 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 06

Welcome to Multiworld! A fluctuating rift complex filled with every historical location possible! Be a cowboy! A Roman! A knight! But when a crash-landing Sontaran…

0 14 Jul 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 05

En route for the World Cup final in 1966, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory find themselves in London a thousand years in the past! And Vikings and Saxons…

0 14 Jun 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 04

In a changing future, the Doctor discovers his actions have led to a larger number of “canonical” Ripper victims—and that Amy is remembered…

0 14 May 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 03

“Ripper’s Curse,” Part 2 of 3: Jack The Ripper has been caught! But why is the true Ripper following Amy? What is her connection to Mary Kelly?…

0 15 Apr 2011

IDW Doctor Who 11 Volume 2 Issue 01

No alternate worlds, no dreams or virtual cities—it’s the first time ever that the Doctor goes up against JACK THE RIPPER! …

0 14 Apr 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 01

When the TARDIS becomes infected with holographic spam, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory are forced to land on an alien world, but it’s been targeted…

0 14 Mar 2011

Torchwood Comic Issue Six

Torchwood Comic Issue Six – Inside this issue: Hell House, A comic strip story by Roger Gibson, Overture by Gary Russell. Art by John Ridgway and more…

7 4 Jan 2011

Torchwood Comic Issue Five

Torchwood Comic Issue Five – ‘Somebody Else’s Problem’, A comic strip story by Christopher Cooper with art by Stephen Downey and more…

3 24 Dec 2010

Torchwood Comic Issue Two

Torchwood Comic Issue Two – In ‘Fated to Pretend’, the Torchwood team get stuck in a prison – Plus, Jack, Gwen and Ianto face the threat of Bilis Manger…

1 4 Aug 2010

Torchwood Comic Issue One

This special début issue features a story written by Captain Jack himself! Actor John Barrowman (along with his sister, Carole) brings you the story of ‘The Selkie’…

5 8 Jul 2010

Doctor Who – The Only Good Dalek

Top-secret Station 7 is where the Earth Forces send all the equipment captured in their war against the Daleks to be analysed and examined….

40 7 Jul 2010

Torchwood comic debuts at Comic-Con

Titan is pleased to announce that Torchwood comic will debut at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International 2010, with a Comic-Con exclusive cover…

5 30 Jun 2010