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November 23rd, 1963 172 comments

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  • Anonymous

    July 21st, 2018 - 6:21pm

    If this is the cover to the 2019 Annual, then it’s absolutely stunning! Definitely buying!!

    • booboo

      July 21st, 2018 - 6:28pm

      Its not

    • Anonymous

      July 21st, 2018 - 8:34pm

      What a shame! It would have been great 🙁

  • Doctor Stu

    July 21st, 2018 - 5:15pm

    Spoilers for Torchwood series 3 ahead even though it’s been 9 years!!!!! Read at own risk

    In Torchwood miracle day when Steven dies the music that’s played in the original aired version and the blue ray dvd release is completely different and is an absolutely awful change. Does anybody know if this is present on the ordinary dvd release or if the music was changed only for the Blu-ray?

  • The paternoster gang

    July 21st, 2018 - 3:07pm

    Booboo are you aware of the doctor who pop pez that have been announced?

    • booboo

      July 21st, 2018 - 3:23pm

      saw that this morning thought it was leaked but seems to have come from a funko video doesn’t anyone know where that video is?

    • booboo

      July 21st, 2018 - 4:44pm

      according the original press release The line will be sold exclusively in the US and Canada by Funko.

  • Anonymous

    July 21st, 2018 - 2:28pm

    wheres a good place/site to look for classic sets and figures (suggestions other than eBay are much obliged)

  • Euan Bird

    July 21st, 2018 - 1:42pm

    Would you of had to of listened to Unit the new series, series 2-5 before listening to cyber reality. I am just wondering as I already have series 1 but currently on the big finish website unit cyber reality is still cheap. Thank you.

    • StetsonDoctor

      July 21st, 2018 - 4:53pm

      No, not really. They’re all fairly standalone.

  • EndlessTimelord

    July 20th, 2018 - 8:48pm

    Any idea whats happened to the press announcment we were meant to be getting?

    • booboo

      July 20th, 2018 - 8:50pm

      what press announcement?

    • EndlessTimelord

      July 20th, 2018 - 11:33pm

      I heard there was gonna be like more toys announced either just after the SDCC panel or today. Or was it just referring to the Sonic?

    • booboo

      July 21st, 2018 - 8:16am

      probably just the sonic, ether is nothing else for now that we know of

  • DWFAN1

    July 20th, 2018 - 7:12pm

    Well I am gutted to not see any sign of a 5 inch action figure I almost thought this years merchandise was perfect

    • Doctor Stu

      July 20th, 2018 - 7:34pm

      There’s a 5” figure coming it just hasn’t been announced yet

    • booboo

      July 20th, 2018 - 7:38pm

      the only “confirmed” 5.5″ figure will only be available in the USA

    • DWFAN1

      July 20th, 2018 - 7:40pm

      That’s worse thing is that Doctor Who is a British show and we in the UK have had action figures for so long and now there is a chance we might never see an action figure again

    • Doctor Stu

      July 20th, 2018 - 8:17pm

      America definitely seem to be getting the better end of the deal for doctor who things lately which is just bizarre to me

    • booboo

      July 20th, 2018 - 8:22pm

      actually there has been far more for the UK in recent months with virtually nothing in the USA.

    • Doctor Stu

      July 20th, 2018 - 9:00pm

      I meant comic con wise

    • Doctor Stu

      July 20th, 2018 - 9:01pm

      Well as in stuff revealed at comic con wise I should add

  • Who rules

    July 20th, 2018 - 7:03pm

    Amazon have the cover on for the women who lived book. Great artwork

    • booboo

      July 20th, 2018 - 7:12pm

      was right in the middle of doing that

  • Tyler Prescott

    July 20th, 2018 - 10:26am

    Has anyone else noticed the hexagon shapes on the Series 11 “The Universe Is Calling” poster with 13 and her Sonic Screwdriver? It looks like that might be the design of her new TARDIS interior?

    • R1ch1e

      July 20th, 2018 - 11:50am

      Yes I thought that as well!

  • Simplyzak09

    July 20th, 2018 - 8:55am

    Is it possible they are revealing the merchandise by today so like…

    day one: new sonic
    Day two: new tardis money box or something
    Day three: 5.5” Action Figure

  • The Outcast

    July 20th, 2018 - 8:39am

    When do you think we’ll see the 5.5 inch 13th Doctor/s Booboo?

    • booboo

      July 20th, 2018 - 8:44am

      dont know, thought we might see it last night, probably when toot’s toys post an image they gave the impression it would be soon but we dont know this company at all

  • EndlessTimelord

    July 20th, 2018 - 12:43am

    So with the new sonic toys announced I think it does mean we’re getting two separate 5inch figure lines. Wonder if Seven20 would include changeable hands and accessories. And it stated below too it’s great as we could get a figure in one range we don’t have in the other and vice versa. 😀

    • Doctor Stu

      July 20th, 2018 - 11:30am

      How is that great that means America could get exclusively stuff we’re not getting and vice versa

    • booboo

      July 20th, 2018 - 11:36am

      biggest problem for UK is the usually ludicrous postage costs and Royal Mail charges to collect the VAT, People ordering from the UK to the USA don’t have this issue

  • Anonymous

    July 19th, 2018 - 11:27pm

    In amongst all the series 11 excitement, Big Finish have teased that William Russell is back in studio (with Carole Ann Ford – so *probably* not Class, at least in today’s recording).
    According to a news article I found on their site from around the time of recording his series 3 Early Adventures, his most recent stories – although released in 2016 – were recorded in 2014.
    Could be for Early Adventures series 7 or future Companion Chronicles, or possibly a meeting between an older Susan and Ian…

  • The paternoster gang

    July 19th, 2018 - 9:22pm

    This is just pure speculation but could character be making a new 3.75 inch line which will run simultaneously with the 5.5 inch one and there will be outlets so they will be available in both countries? So like the Marvel and Star Wars figure series there are two lines in two different scales going on at once.
    Hopefully we will find out later today or tomorrow and hopefully there will be some lego news

  • Anonymous

    July 19th, 2018 - 9:10pm

    is £45 a good price for the silver nemesis two pack?


      July 19th, 2018 - 9:27pm

      If its the dvd no. Try hmv or somthing. Usally under £20.00

    • Who Knows

      July 19th, 2018 - 9:29pm

      The figure pack – yes

    • Anonymous

      July 19th, 2018 - 9:29pm

      sorry to clarify, I meant the Cyberman two pack of figures


      July 19th, 2018 - 10:34pm

      Fair enough my mistake. Sorry. Yes it sort of is a good price. Overpriced for sure but good by today standards

    • the watcher

      July 20th, 2018 - 1:39am

      I think its a reasonable price, what do you think booboo

  • Anonymous

    July 19th, 2018 - 8:25pm

    Just been announced on twitter that the new 13th Doctor sonic screwdriver is available to buy at SDCC now!!! – images soon hopefully

    • booboo

      July 19th, 2018 - 8:28pm

      interesting, wonder who its by

    • DannyTheNerd

      July 19th, 2018 - 8:36pm

      I’ve seen some pics, and its by Character.

  • The paternoster gang

    July 19th, 2018 - 7:32pm

    Is there anywhere online we can see the panel?

    • BlueBoxJackie

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:39pm

      Id also like to know this, also what time is the panel?

    • booboo

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:43pm

      any time now

    • The paternoster gang

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:44pm

      Can it be live streamed somewhere?

    • BlueBoxJackie

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:45pm

      apparently anything from hall H isnt livestreamed online including doctor who

    • The paternoster gang

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:46pm

      Ah that’s a shame but thank you for letting me know. I assume any new footage will be put up once the panel has ended in an hour

    • The paternoster gang

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:50pm

      Just found this

    • booboo

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:52pm

      that’s just tweeting

    • The paternoster gang

      July 19th, 2018 - 7:55pm

      Ah right I see, thanks Booboo

  • Doctor909

    July 19th, 2018 - 4:21pm

    Just wanted to confirm that the steelbook advertised as the series 3 one (bizarrely with photos of the series 2 steelbook) is actually the series 3 one. I ordered it on Prime day and it arrived (finally) today, must say whilst I was sceptical of the colouring it is really really nice in hand and adds a little difference to the existing steelbook line up. Any news on the series 4 one? Hopefully every series gets one tho would they have to change the logo now?

  • Euan Bird

    July 19th, 2018 - 3:09pm

    When is the hopefully the new merchandise being revealed

    • booboo

      July 19th, 2018 - 3:13pm

      i don’t know if its this evening or tomorrow to be honest

  • Judooning

    July 19th, 2018 - 11:49am

    An image of Titans 13th Dr figures on display over on their Instagram. Hard to see though

  • Gordon

    July 19th, 2018 - 11:21am

    More of those target collection readings are coming:

    The history collection 02/08/2018

    The Aztecs
    Doctor Who and the Crusaders
    The Myth Makers
    Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora
    Doctor Who and the Visitation

    The earth collection 07/02/2019

    Fury of the deep
    Doctor who and pyramid of mars
    The stones of blood
    The awakening
    Ghost light


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