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March 11th, 2021 912 comments

Doctor Who The Collection Season 8 Blu-ray

Please note if you have had an issue with the booklet kindly provide a copy of your proof of purchase to and they should issue a replacement in due course.

Available to order while stocks last from,, and and other selected retailers.

You can also check to see if any other retailers are selling this via

Available to order in Australia from

Jon Pertwee’s second season as the Third Doctor, featuring the debut of Katy Manning as Jo Grant and Roger Delgado as the Master, is the next release to come to Blu-ray with Season 8 on the 23rd February 2021.

Stranded on 20th Century Earth, the Third Doctor teams up with UNIT and new companion Jo Grant to thwart alien invasions! And that’s not all, he must also contend with the arrival of his deadliest foe – arch nemesis the Master.

Battling Autons, Axons, an alien mind parasite and a mighty Daemon, the Doctor, Jo and UNIT must defend the Earth – and its future pioneers – in five action-packed adventures.

With all episodes newly remastered, this Blu-ray box set also contains extensive and exclusive special features including:

  • Behind the Sofa – New episodes with Katy Manning, Stewart Bevan, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, Sacha Dhawan and Anjli Mohindra.
  • In Conversation – Matthew Sweet chats to companion Katy Manning.
  • A Devils Weekend – Actors Katy Manning and John Levene take a personal trip back to the picturesque village of Aldbourne, 50 years after they recorded the Doctor Who story The Daemons there.
  • The Direct Route – Doctor Who directors Michael Briant, Graeme Harper and Tim Combe take an epic road trip to all the filming locations from Season 8 as they discuss directing the show in the early 1970s.
  • Terrance and Me – Lifelong Doctor Who fan, Frank Skinner sets out to meet the family, friends and colleagues of the late, much-loved writer, Terrance Dicks.
  • Blu-Ray trailer – A specially shot mini-episode
  • Extended Episode 1 of The Claws of Axos
  • 90-minute omnibus edition of The Daemons
  • Immersive 5.1 surround sound on Terror of the Autons and The Daemons
  • Optional updated special effects and CSO clean-up on Terror of the Autons
  • Unseen studio footage
  • Rare archive treats
  • Convention footage
  • HD photo galleries
  • Scripts, costume designs, rare BBC production files
  • The eight-disc box set also includes hours of special features previously released on DVD.
    And lots more!

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  • Anonymous

    February 16th, 2021 - 10:22pm

    Well zoom is officially no longer active. Cant access the site and they are no longer listed on the website directory.

  • Kenny

    February 16th, 2021 - 5:39pm

    I ordered from Zoom and have just had order confirmation and it will be delivered on Mar 8th

  • Daniel

    February 16th, 2021 - 2:58pm

    I have a friend that has ordered from Zoom, that has payment taken. I ordered from Amazon and it says “Currently Unavailable Want us to e-mail you when this item becomes available?”

    • Chris Maile

      February 16th, 2021 - 3:51pm

      I’ve just had an email from Zoom to say all existing orders for Season 8 will be fulfilled by Universal (their previous owner). Their new owners, Patriot will be taking ownership of the business as of tomorrow. That would explain why Season 8 is being despatched today!

    • Rob W

      February 16th, 2021 - 4:09pm

      Congratulations Chris, you got an email confirmation of the despatched boxset?

    • Gordon

      February 16th, 2021 - 4:22pm

      They are only processing orders. They aren’t dispatching till the 5th

      Thank you for your order of Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 8 (Limited Edition Box Set) [Blu-ray] (release date: 8 March 2021). Please note that your order will be physically dispatched to you on March 5th to arrive with you in time for the March 8th release date.

      You may see your order status in your order in your Zoom account changed to ‘dispatched’ prior to March 5th , this is just to ensure that our systems have your order queued and ready to go on March 5th.

    • Chris Maile

      February 16th, 2021 - 6:21pm

      Gordon’s right. Although I received that first email almost indicating that it was dispatched, I then received a second one to say it will be physically dispatched on the 5th March

    • Coleman

      February 16th, 2021 - 6:55pm

      Has anyone else using Amazon had payment taken yet?
      I know someone mentioned they had but mine hasn’t been taken yet. (Not expecting it to be honest since its 3 weeks to release).

  • Gordon

    February 16th, 2021 - 2:39pm

    We are writing to inform you about some upcoming changes to Zoom. The current owner, Universal Columbia Alliance (UCA), has recently sold the website and its new owner, Patriot Media Group, have advised that they are expecting to be online and taking orders from 00.01 on 17 February 2021 onwards.

    Orders received up until 21.00 on Tuesday, 16 February 2021 will continue to be fulfilled by UCA. Existing pre-orders for Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 8 (Limited Edition Box Set) [Blu-ray] (release date: 8 March 2021) will similarly be fulfilled by UCA.

    If you have any queries about orders placed before the above cut-off time, please contact Zoom customer service, as normal, on

    The new owners will be in communication with you as a valued customer once they have taken over the site.

    Thank you for your custom.

    The Zoom Team at UCA

  • Coleman

    February 16th, 2021 - 11:49am

    I’m confident of getting the orders shipped from Zoom.
    Yesterday bought the (Limited Edition) 4k Blu-ray “steelbook” of Men in Black International, for only £6.99. What a bargain.
    To be honest while ever they put bargains up like these I’ll be purchasing them, even all through February if need be.

  • Mark C.

    February 16th, 2021 - 11:21am

    For those of you in Australia now have this (UK set) available to order.

    • GeordieW

      February 17th, 2021 - 12:34pm

      Thanks Mark, I was starting to get worried I would miss out on this one…

  • John

    February 16th, 2021 - 10:25am

    Sent to warehouse on Zoom now, fingers crossed for delivery at the weekend:)

    • Pete X

      February 16th, 2021 - 12:34pm

      Mine has too (Zoom). Yesterday my order stated they were awaiting stock to come into the warehouse (paid using Paypal so payment was taken back in November).

      Not aware of any change in release data since it was put back to March.

    • Pete X

      February 16th, 2021 - 4:43pm

      So not getting the box set until March. Received the following from Zoom,

      Dear Customer

      Thank you for your order of Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 8 (Limited Edition Box Set) [Blu-ray] (release date: 8 March 2021). Please note that your order will be physically dispatched to you on March 5th to arrive with you in time for the March 8th release date.

      You may see your order status in your order in your Zoom account changed to ‘dispatched’ prior to March 5th , this is just to ensure that our systems have your order queued and ready to go on March 5th.

      Thank you for your custom.



  • Anonymous

    February 15th, 2021 - 8:02pm

    Has anybody had payment taken from Amazon yet? I haven’t but have seen others have.

    • D84

      February 16th, 2021 - 12:10pm

      No nothing that i can see (Amazon payment) its also not yet showing “preparing for despatch” either

    • Coleman

      February 17th, 2021 - 6:20pm

      I haven’t had payment taken yet from Amazon either. To be honest though not expecting it to be because release date is quite abit off yet.

  • Philip Shaw

    February 15th, 2021 - 5:06pm

    Zoom are a bit eager, have took money out for my season 8 today!

    • the ergon

      February 15th, 2021 - 7:36pm

      Lets see if they are as eager to send them out early. I had mine booked from Day one and I can,t wait to tuck into that content.

    • Philip Shaw

      February 15th, 2021 - 9:53pm

      Are they legally obliged to hold them until the day of release. Someone at HMV told me they couldn’t put stuff out until day of release.

    • Rob W

      February 16th, 2021 - 8:17am

      They can despatch so you receive on release day 8 March.

    • the ergon

      February 16th, 2021 - 10:39am

      Thats the email i recieved, so that i got the item for the 8th. Whether it gets here earlier or even at all is another matter.

    • Rob W

      February 16th, 2021 - 10:50am

      I have had a couple of disc sets from Zoom and HMV arrive on the Saturday prior to release.

  • James17

    February 15th, 2021 - 2:30pm

    It’s completely gone from Zoom now, no page about it. Still, hopefully they are still delivering the ones previously ordered

    • Anonymous

      February 15th, 2021 - 5:09pm

      Ordered mine from Zoom and paid with PayPal. My order shows “Waiting for import to warehouse” so seems to be proceeding ok so far.

    • Anonymous

      February 15th, 2021 - 5:51pm

      Ordered from Zoom when it became available again having previously ordered from Amazon.
      Just been into my Amazon account to cancel and they have also charged so 08/03 does seem like definite release date now or maybe we might get it earlier. (Amazon issuing refund to me).

  • Chris

    February 15th, 2021 - 1:22pm

    Zoom have taken payment.

    • Lege

      February 15th, 2021 - 2:02pm


    • James17

      February 15th, 2021 - 2:34pm

      Same here. A bit odd really, considering we still have nearly 3 weeks till release. Last few times theyve taken payment about a week before as I remember, I may be wrong though, it’s been so long!

    • Gordon

      February 15th, 2021 - 2:45pm

      Could just be a case that they forgot to change the billing date from the original date. It was supposed to be out next Monday after all which would have meant we would have been charged today. Mind you if they have got stock early and they are closing they could just send it early. I doubt they would get any blow back from doing so.

    • Rob W

      February 15th, 2021 - 3:29pm

      Stock 3 weeks early?

    • Coleman

      February 15th, 2021 - 4:50pm

      As Han Solo once said, “I’ve a bad feeling about this”.
      Luckily I ordered with Amazon though.

    • Rob W

      February 15th, 2021 - 6:07pm

      If you’ve pre-ordered an item, payment is taken upon despatch of your order. Payment by PayPal will be charged at the time of purchase (Paypals terms). Probably just a glitch as Gordon said earlier.

  • Anonymous

    February 13th, 2021 - 8:04pm

    cant wait to get this season the first uk collection box set im getting but to catch up im most likly going to buy the us ones

  • Anonymous

    February 13th, 2021 - 9:16am

    Sold out on zoom now. What are the chances of re stocking towards release date. Ive ordered, just asking for people (hmv has it atm)

  • Antonio Zambonini

    February 11th, 2021 - 9:19pm

    This is odd but some reason other day hmv had series 5 steelbook season 26 and season 23 on the web but all out of stock ?

    • The Loiterer

      February 11th, 2021 - 9:54pm

      That often happens on HMV with various titles. It gets your hopes up but would appear to be accidental loading of an old database still containing now unavailable titles – possibly because there are odd copies in a store somewhere. On rare occasions they do get sent back to Brum to be listed online though, so it doesn’t hurt to use the notification option. I’ve got some non-Who discs that way recently.

  • Anonymous

    February 11th, 2021 - 9:08am

    It’s not about this season, but I saw a season 18 go for 1000 pounds on Ebay! :0

    • Chris Howarth

      February 11th, 2021 - 12:49pm

      That’s insane, there’s lots available “buy it now” for a fraction of that price.

    • Gordon

      February 11th, 2021 - 1:28pm

      That’s insane

    • Anonymous

      February 11th, 2021 - 1:46pm

      I know right! Obviously didn’t get it and we already had it anyway. Luckily, nobody was bidding for it last time I checked!

    • Tardis

      February 11th, 2021 - 2:48pm

      Who’d buy that at that price?I’m desperate to get season 12 but dread to think what prices are now.

    • Cymon

      February 11th, 2021 - 4:28pm

      Tardis, if you check eBay, the prices aren’t too bad especially if it doesn’t have to be new
      Season 12 has been rereleased twice now so most people that wanted it have it so it’s not as expensive as it was

    • Day Dalek Gold

      February 11th, 2021 - 5:53pm

      No offence to the season, but it’s not that popular, so 1000 pounds is a phenomenally high price.

    • Tardis

      February 12th, 2021 - 9:42am

      Thanks Cymon.

    • Anonymous

      February 12th, 2021 - 6:37pm

      Got a link? Nothing showing for 3 months for season 18 selling for that much.

      There was an auction for ALL the BR sets which had an asking price of £950 but which the seller accepted £500 for. Other than that they swing between £40 and £200 … but mostly this is price fixing, much as you’d see on Amazon Marketplace.

    • booboo

      February 12th, 2021 - 6:55pm

      wondered that, can’t see any completed listings, sold or unsold for the price mentioned

    • Anonymous

      February 14th, 2021 - 9:44pm

      I thinks it’s gone now, sorry.

    • Ricky

      February 16th, 2021 - 9:23am

      If the seller cancelled the listing it would still show in completed items, sold or unsold.

    • The Loiterer

      February 16th, 2021 - 4:06pm

      Seller probably realised they’d put an extra zero (or returned to our reality), corrected the price, then it finally sold.

    • Anonymous

      February 19th, 2021 - 11:34am

      Probably! 🙂

  • Nick

    February 10th, 2021 - 7:35pm

    Thank you Ergon, that is really reassuring.

    • the ergon

      February 10th, 2021 - 9:13pm

      You are very welcome. Season 8 is one of my all time favourite seasons but there so much content to get through. The Terror CGI, The Terrance Dicks Tribute and the Behind the sofa comments are just a few highlights i,m going to relish when it arrives.

    • Nick

      February 10th, 2021 - 11:17pm

      Me too!! A wonderful season of Dr Who!! Hope there are the BBC 2 continuity announcements for the Daemons. Looking forward to the Terror of the Autons makeover! Extended Claws… Brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    February 10th, 2021 - 6:12pm

    Is it worth transferring from Zoom to another website instead (what with rumours of it closing/moving)? I don’t want to miss this release as I’m going for the full collection!

    • James

      February 10th, 2021 - 7:31pm


    • Gordon

      February 10th, 2021 - 9:47pm

      They have already said they will be processing orders of season 8. It’s still going to be open then

  • Matt Young

    February 10th, 2021 - 11:28am

    If Zoom are closing this would explain why S24 hasn’t appeared on their site. Looking at the 4k drop down menu the preorder option has gone and the latest preorder on music is 19th February and similar with blu ray. If Zoom is going that will be a big shame as they have been my go to site along with HMV.

  • the ergon

    February 9th, 2021 - 5:31pm

    Doctor Who-season 8 collection is being fulfilled by Zoom and will be despatched on date of release. i have just recieved the Email. phew! to that.

    • Rob W

      February 10th, 2021 - 9:35am

      At the time of writing now available to pre-order again…

    • Gordon

      February 10th, 2021 - 9:59am

      I’d imagine that’s down to folk not wanting to risk zoom with the rumoured closure and cancelling their orders and going elsewhere

    • Nick

      February 10th, 2021 - 5:50pm

      Hi Ergon, was the email a response to email that you sent or was it a notification email out of the blue to update you?

    • the ergon

      February 10th, 2021 - 6:51pm

      Nick, it was a response to Email. As i say its been two weeks of messages sent and i have only just heard back from them regarding both the Web release (which i think some people have recieved official Notification) and this. And it was a ‘rest Assured we will be despatching this for you’ response.

    • Nick

      February 10th, 2021 - 7:36pm

      Thank you Ergon, that is really reassuring.

  • the timelord 1944

    February 6th, 2021 - 9:41am

    So someone has now had their Web of Fear Steel book order cancelled with Zoom. Obviously a sign of what is to come with the company. Has anyone had their Dr Who 50th Anniversary Steel book fulfilled by Zoom? That will be a sign of whether we are going to get out Season 8 box sets fulfilled. Both were marked as unavailable at the same time on their site but not taken down.

    • daz

      February 6th, 2021 - 10:27am

      50th has been dispatched by Zoom.

      As Site is likely closing end of March at end of financial year (most likely) as long as Season 8 isn’t delayed we will get it.

      I’ve got a back up order on Amazon too. Something I’ve always done in case of damages in transit. Will cancel it once Zoom one arrives though.

  • Star Lord

    February 3rd, 2021 - 10:05pm

    Are we still fairly confident that Zoom will come through with the pre-orders on this or should I be worried? :\

    • Rob W

      February 4th, 2021 - 9:27am

      Looks like Zoom have no pre-orders beyond this sets release date is 8 March, but that’s no gaurantee. HMV/ still have pre-orders if you’re concerned you’ll miss out.

    • Gordon

      February 4th, 2021 - 1:57pm

      Zoom have said they are still planning on shipping this product

    • Star Lord

      February 4th, 2021 - 3:29pm

      Cheers Gordon, you’ve put my mind at ease for a while haha

    • Mark

      February 10th, 2021 - 12:35pm

      I’ve ordered with Hive, before stocks run out. If Zoom come good and I receive two copies, will sell one, unopened, at face value.

      Not taking any chances with Zoom!!

  • James

    February 3rd, 2021 - 5:28pm

    Just had an email from Zoom. They ha e had to cancel my preorder for WebOfFear steel book due to unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully season 8 isn’t delayed.

  • Antonio Zambonini

    February 2nd, 2021 - 6:25am

    Anyone still hunting this if it sells out with luck have it including the 50th anniversary steelbook

    • Antonio Zambonini

      February 2nd, 2021 - 8:51am

      Ment have 50th anniversary and series 6 steelbook

  • Bobby Fackrell

    January 31st, 2021 - 7:47pm

    It’s interesting that in the series 10 trailer Katy and Stuart made that comment about Devils End, at the time it looked like a little joke but series 8 was the Pertwee set

    I wonder if that was an intentional teaser

  • BailsBach

    January 31st, 2021 - 1:29pm

    Hi all,
    was holding off from pre-ordering until later on down the line. Looks like it’s out at all retailers for pre-order. Should I be worried? I’ve only bought 2, season 19 on release and season 14 via Ebay (pre-owned).

    Thanks in advance

    • Anonymous

      January 31st, 2021 - 1:54pm

      HMV still have it available for pre-order 🙂 – if you are in the UK, that’s an option for you.

      Personally I’d pre-order it soon but that’s more me covering the worst case scenario.

      Just my two cents, hope that helps.

    • David McCallum

      January 31st, 2021 - 3:33pm

      I preordered all of mine, but – obviously depending where you live – you should be able to purchase a copy at HMV – my local store had copies of Seasons 23, 26 and 14 when I was last in just before Christmas.

    • BailsBach

      January 31st, 2021 - 3:46pm

      Thank you both for your comments. I’ve now pre-ordered via HMV, much appreciated for the tip!
      That’s funny — I wasn’t able to find seasons 23 or 26 on an online store, I’m guessing it’s in-store only?

      Thanks again for the help

    • Rob W

      January 31st, 2021 - 6:56pm

      Depends on how many sets were sold/unsold in each individual store.You could ask for and make a note of the stores’s Twitter account or telephone number for future releases. HMV are hoping to re-launch some kind of rewards scheme this year too.

    • Bobby Fackrell

      January 31st, 2021 - 7:32pm

      Pre-order you have until just before the release date to change your mind and cancel without being invoiced.

      Series 19 – good choice I’m watching it right now, I’m on Kinda now with Surround Sound, improved picture and new effects. Kinda is a classic!

    • philip shaw

      February 1st, 2021 - 8:49am

      To be honest without trying to intentionally slag any one off, and despite scalpers I always pre order straight away, and 2 more for friends and have never been left without. I can’t honestly understand the moaners who complain of not getting one and have to pay massive scalper prices later. When you pre order you don’t have to pay then and have a good few months to save up for it!

    • Bobby Fackrell

      February 1st, 2021 - 9:08am

      I only just realised watching Kinda last night it’s an ‘Everybody Lives Rose!’ story

      Even the Mara obviously survives because it returns in series 20

    • Anonymous

      February 1st, 2021 - 9:12am

      I suppose it depends how financially secure you are, especially after all the redundancies over the last year.

    • BailsBach

      February 1st, 2021 - 3:50pm

      I was meant to collect the entire range, but have always missed the releases — I’m now paying the price!
      Luckily I’ve preordered both 8 and 24 to add to my collection.

      Do you guys know where I could get season 26?
      All the best

    • Prof Horner

      February 1st, 2021 - 4:14pm

      Well I only got the American version of season of 12 because I didn’t have a Blu ray player at the time of it’s original release.

    • RPG74

      February 1st, 2021 - 5:08pm

      The US Sylvester McCoy Season Three (Season 26 to us) is available on Amazon UK right now for around £39 with free P+P, so that’s a possible if you’re a UK citizen. Don’t know if import fees are applicable this time, but the import fee deposit I paid for Davison’s first season was around £6. If that helps.

    • Bobby Fackrell

      February 1st, 2021 - 11:07pm

      I would go on to Amazon, search for series 26 and go on to one of the ‘one star’ verified purchase reviews and offer to buy their copy off of them as they hate it so much

  • Seb

    January 29th, 2021 - 9:55am

    For any Aussies (or those seeking the Australian release, this just went up on the JB HiFi website. Releasing in May.

    • Bushboy

      January 31st, 2021 - 2:01am

      Anyone know if and when Season 8 and 24 will release in New Zealand?

  • GeordieW

    January 24th, 2021 - 11:06pm

    Now from memory there’s no surviving 16mm material from this season is that correct? Except for a few trims maybe.

    • Gordon

      January 24th, 2021 - 11:19pm

      Some stuff in colony. Location stuff and some Sfx

    • GeordieW

      January 26th, 2021 - 4:13am

      Thanks Gordon. It’s no season 19 but it’s always good to get a little bit of something in true HD from each season.

  • Gez

    January 24th, 2021 - 6:47am

    Does anyone have a reason as to why season 24 is available for pre order in Australia and Season 8 is not. What is going on?

  • GeordieW

    January 24th, 2021 - 5:51am

    I’m trying to get hold of a copy here in Australia, Zavvi has sold out and it looks like Hive isn’t shipping to Australia anymore. Has anyone got any suggestions?

    • Mark C.

      January 24th, 2021 - 6:52am usually carry these and are well packaged. Bought S23 & S26 from them no problem. Don’t think they stocked S14 with lockdowns but they’ve stocked the recent steelbooks.

      Nothing listed on their website yet for S8 though but am keeping an eye out. I do have a preorder with Zavvi but will switch if I can as Zavvi always send in a jiffy bag.

      Agree Hive were great but that options gone.

    • GeordieW

      January 24th, 2021 - 11:57am

      Cheers Mark, I’ll keep an eye out.

  • Kenny

    January 24th, 2021 - 5:28am

    It’s odd, in the US you can already pre-order the Season 24 blu-ray, but they do not have a pre-order yet available for Season 8. I wonder when both will end up actually getting their US versions released.


      January 26th, 2021 - 1:27pm

      Just got an email from Amazon telling me that one of my pre-ordered items (S24) is now set for release date delivery. Maybe S24 is being rush released… got an email a fortnight ago saying S8 was being delayed to March 13th.

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