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July 21st, 2018 1 comment

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Doctor Who 10 Inch Adventure Doll – A Closer Look

The 10 Inch Adventure Doll is available to order from…

Our own images of an advanced sample thanks to Character / Evolution PR

Some of these images have been seen in the Main Article about this figure, our intention was to have this ready for early Friday after the embargo lifted but because of SDCC things got rather busy!

This 10 inch “Adventure Doll” is The 13th Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), the likeness from any angle is spot on, We think the pictures speak for themselves.

The packaging…

A doubled card backing obscures the ties that hold the figure in place and the plastic Tardis Shaped window is fixed to this, A bit like the original 5″ figures. The packaging is designed to be hung on pegs or displayed on shelves.

This product uses the “stacked logo” which looks OK here but doesn’t work to well on some other merchandise we have seen.

We are back to bright stand out packaging, something that has been lacking for some time with far to many style guides in use (not specifically Character but the whole Doctor Who market in general).

The Look and detail…

It doesn’t matter from what angle you look at this Doll, the likeness is spot on, probably the best of any Doctor Who figure produced.

The fabric clothing has all you would expect, braces, hoodie and colored banding inside the coat (which is removable with care). There is a Back vent which has a small stitch to keep it together but you could easily remove this if required.

The mysterious 13th Doctor Sonic screwdriver is supplied. Ours was all silver but was an advanced sample so we don’t know if the production run will have some colour on it.

Pose-ability and articulation…

  • The head moves ( a little stiff) from side to side and you can tilt it down slightly
  • Full movement Shoulder joints, elbow joint and hands rotate and angle
  • Bicep swivel
  • Full movement Hip joints , Knee joint and rotatable ankle.

The overall impression…

This is The “Action Doctor” for a new and current market, you can put the hoodie up, take the jacket off, pose it in virtually any fashion and most importantly just play with it.

Its clear from what little we have seen so far that the new series is aimed at appealing to a much wider age range than of late and this figure will no doubt cater for an existing and perhaps previously untapped market.

Group Photo…

A montage of images of the figure in various poses including one with the coat removed.

Is it in scale with previous 12″ Figures…

One of the big questions, and the answer is, sort of but not quite.

Its probably on the short side but some collectors will think its not totally out of place and there is a ready made army of Judoon, Ood, Clockwork robots, Cybermen, Hybrid Dalek Sec as well as the 9th and 10th Doctor and Martha.

The 10 Inch Adventure Doll is available to order from,, and

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