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Series 5 Figures – Assortment E

Four New Figure variants have been added to the series 5 range -Professor Bracewell (with black glove),Weeping Angel (Looped) and Dalek Ironside (with fabric ear cover)…

290 19 Aug 2010

SDCC 11th Doctor & Dalek

Underground Toys are pleased to announce they are making a limited quantity of the 11th Doctor & Dalek Scientist sets available from Forbidden Planet in the UK…

667 17 Aug 2010

The Claws of Axos Set – Pictures

In this exclusive action figure set comes the Master, the arch enemy of the Doctor, as first played by Roger Delgado and the Axon creature…

118 17 Aug 2010

Series 5 Figures – Assortment D

Character have now added the Blue Dalek Strategist from Victory of the Daleks to the ever growing series 5 figure range. This is included in assortment D …

202 6 Aug 2010

Fifth Doctor And master – Pictures

The Underground Toys 2010 SDCC exclusive – The 5th Doctor & The Master from Planet of Fire is available to order now from Forbidden Planet…

121 1 Aug 2010

5th Doctor Regeneration outfit

The Underground Toys 2010 SDCC exclusive figure – The Fifth Doctor in regeneration outfit is now available to order from Forbidden Planet…

113 26 Jul 2010

First Doctor & Classic Tardis – Pictures

In this exclusive set we present the First Doctor action figure, with electronic TARDIS, as they appeared in ‘An Unearthly Child’. The Doctor comes dressed in hat and cloak…

86 22 Jul 2010

Series 5 figures – Assortment B-C

Assortments B-C contains previously released figures along with the Drone Dalek and two weeping angel variations – (Regenerated and Regenerating)…

25 1 Jul 2010

Character Eleven Doctors Figure Set

The ultimate Doctor Who collectors set! Features all eleven incarnations of the Doctor presented in an impressive TARDIS display box. For ages 5 years and over…

634 28 Jun 2010

Series 5 Figures – Assortment A

Doctor Who Series 5 Action Figure assortment A Including Amy Pond and ironside Dalek withthe 11th doctor, a smiler, Professor Bracewell and weeping angel…

1,284 25 Jun 2010

1st Doctor Unearthly Child Figure

The 1st Doctor Unearthly Child Figure – School teachers Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton become intrigued by one of their pupils, Susan Foreman…

62 18 Apr 2010

End of Time Figures

The End of Time Figures-10th Doctor,The master, The Narrator and 11th Doctor…

235 16 Feb 2010