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Wow Stuff

Manufacturers of Doctor Who Novelty items and gadgets…

0 10 Feb 2010


Commissioners and distributor of Torchwood Figures, stamp covers and other merchandise….

0 13 Jan 2010

Big Finish

Big Finish. Makers of Classic Doctor Who audio stories featuring many past Doctors and companions. ..

0 13 Jan 2010


Manufacturers and distributors of Doctor Who Novelty items, clocks, watches, mugs etc…

0 13 Jan 2010

Weta Workshops

Manufacturers of high quality Doctor Who Statues and Miniatures….

0 12 Jan 2010

Tonner Dolls

Manufacturers of collectable Doctor Who And Torchwood Dolls and Accessories…

0 10 Jan 2010

MFX Warehouse

Manufactures of High quality Doctor Who replicas and props…

0 9 Jan 2010

This Planet Earth

Manufactures and official license holders to produce Full size Doctor Who replicas…

0 9 Jan 2010

Half Moon Bay

Wholesalers of retro and new Doctor Who Merchandise, mugs T shirts etc…

0 5 Jan 2010

BBC Magazines

BBC Magazines – Publishers of Doctor Who Adventures

0 2 Jan 2010

H Grossman Ltd

Manufactures of Doctor Who Novelty items such as Dartboard, Tardis tent, yo-yo’s and fun packs…

0 2 Jan 2010

Titan Magazines

Titan Magazines – Publishers of Torchwood and other scifi related magazines and comics.

0 1 Jan 2010