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Competition Win Classic DVD’s (Closed)

Quick Fire Competition Win Classic DVD’s. Fill in some of those gaps! 1st winner can choose 3 DVD’s form the list. 3 runners up can chose one…

221 9 Aug 2013

Listen To Series Seven Soundtrack Previews!

Listen To Series Seven CD Soundtrack Previews! Seven years of composing riveting music for Doctor Who has led to Murray’s work being performed at special Proms…

22 8 Aug 2013

More Doctor Who 5″ Collectors Sets Due?

It appears the Toys r us sets have sold well (and that before the 8th Doctor One hits the shelves!) leading to a second series. Somewhere along the way we are getting…

55 1 Aug 2013

Doctor Who Experience Shop and Attractions

What’s the first thing any Doctor Who fan would want to do? I suspect to visit the Tardis – Well now you can, for a limited time this summer thanks to BBC Worldwide…

60 30 Jul 2013

Notice of Quick Fire Competitions

Regretfully due to circumstances outside of our control we will not be running any more quick-fire competitions for some time. No advanced warnings…

0 20 Jul 2013

Bif Bang Pow Retro Figure Additions

Bif bang pow are adding several new figures to their retro line up including the 11th Doctor 10th Doctor, John Hurt’s Doctor, Clara, Amy Pond, Rory Williams…

55 18 Jul 2013