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Royal Mail Doctor Who First Day Covers

With stamps featuring the three most recent Doctors affixed, this collectible cover is cancelled with a Cardiff postmark, chosen as it is the home..

7 7 Mar 2013

Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamp Set

With his trademark tweed jacket and bow tie, Matt Smith was the youngest actor appointed to play the role. Regenerating from David Tennant in the 2010

3 7 Mar 2013

Royal Mail Doctor Who Framed Stamps

The perfect addition to any wall, this striking item features all 11 Doctor Who Special Stamps, individually mounted within a black ash effect frame…

2 7 Mar 2013

Doctor Who Silver Collectable Series

By signing up to the Eleventh Doctor Medal you are guaranteeing your right to build the whole collection of medals. A new medal will be sent to you…

13 27 Jan 2011

Royal Mint 11th Doctor Medals

Following the great success of the Eleventh Doctor’s 13-part series he’s back on a new Doctor Who Collectable medals from the Royal Mint…

14 15 Jan 2011

Royal Mint Gold Series Regeneration Set

BBC Worldwide and the Royal Mint, two of Britain’s best known institutions, have come together to create a a stunning collectors gold Proof medal…

7 15 Jan 2011

Royal Mint Amy Pond Medals

Royal Mint Amy Pond Medal – Ideal for all Doctor Who fans and children the medal features Amy Pond on one side and the TARDIS design on the other….

19 6 Dec 2010

Royal Mint 2010 Doctor Who Medals

The Royal Mint has announced a new range of 2010 Doctor Who series 5 collectable Medals including images of Daleks, smilers and weeping angels…

22 25 Jun 2010