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September 17th, 2021 1,382 comments

B&M 2021 September Stocks Arrive – Information on Product Codes / Barcodes

Stocks have now arrived and are starting to appear in stores.

We have closed comments on all other B&M posts so they can be concentrated here.

At the time of writing option 3 on published store telephone numbers that allowed you to speak to a member of staff has been removed. You could try the main customer service number, 0330 838 9000 and ask to be put through to your local store or try and find out its direct number.

Shown below are the product codes and bar codes. The app is not allowing you check locations at this time.

We strongly advise you make whatever checks you can yourself to check store availability before traveling.

To find your nearest store visit or use the map below. Please contact if you require more information.

The B&M Map:

This map is a guide only and shouldn’t be used as a definite indication that a particular store has stock

The map shows most stores, if you see any missing please leave a comment. As the app will not allow you to check stock locations at the moment we may use this map to show the distribution pattern and possible stock locations.

If you see stock and take a picture you can send it to and we can add it to the map or you can link to an image you are hosting yourself.

This map has layers, if you click on the icon in the blue header at the top left of the map in the you can select which layers you want to see.

A Dalek will be placed to the right of the store concerned but you will need to zoom in to separate the 2 or click off the store location layer.

Please note as the situation on the shop floor is so fluid we will no longer list stock on the map. As far as we can tell the initial delivery for stores that have had stock was for 12 of each figure set and 6 of each Dalek. As you might expect most stores are selling out of Daleks at a faster rate than the sets. Some stores listed have already sold out of all stock

B&M 2021 The Keys of Marinus collector figure set. Product Code 370537.

You can search for the lowest price for this set on or

From a classic episode of 1964 is The Keys of Marinus Collector Figure three figure Set. This Ian Chesterton Action Figure depicts one of The Doctors very first companions and is accompanied by not one but two Voord Warrior Action Figures with dagger accessory.

B&M 2021 The Sensorites (1964) collector figure set. Product Code 370538.

You can search for the lowest price for this set on or

This Doctor Who Collectors set is a must have for all Doctor Who fans and collectors and includes a trio of detailed Doctor Who figures from the classic 1964 episode ‘The Sensorites’.

History of The Daleks #5 Power of the Daleks. Product Code 370539. (Sets 5 and 7 have the same code).

You can search for History of The Daleks Sets on

The Doctor Who Daleks’ Collector Sets have their very own fan base and to mix things up a little the next two sets are slightly out of order to give a more varied on shelf presence. The Power of the Daleks Set, comprising of two highly detailed Daleks – The Silver Drone Dalek and Drone with Mutant Scoop Dalek.

History of The Daleks #7 Day of the Daleks. Product Code 370539. (Sets 5 and 7 have the same code).

You can search for the lowest price for this set on

Finally, we jump one story forwards to the next decade to 1972’s ‘Day of the Daleks’ and The Daleks’ first foray into colour TV with Collector Set #7 which celebrates this four part story first shown in January of that year.

Our own images of the box and figures in the Sensorites set…

The First Doctor on the left from this set and the First Doctor from the 13 Doctors set on the right showing the different variations in costume…

Please note in future comments will be restricted to stock locations reports only and all comments will be on moderation for a while.

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  • Pjd94

    September 9th, 2021 - 1:38pm

    Nothing yet in St Austell, Liskeard, Saltash or Bodmin.

  • EndlessTimelord

    September 9th, 2021 - 1:31pm

    Sensorites and Marinus sets spotted and photographed in Southampton near Millbrook. Saw a post on Facebook, lots of them there!

  • The Real M

    September 9th, 2021 - 1:13pm

    I seen on Facebook someone has found them In Manchester. Didn’t state where, they showed an image of the 2 dalek sets

  • Jonathan

    September 9th, 2021 - 12:49pm

    Nothing in Southport this lunchtime

  • Judooning

    September 9th, 2021 - 12:35pm

    Wondering if Mick is around to let us know the status in the Grimsby store? I know they’re currently having a re-furb and the toy isle at the minute seems to be getting a big change around. Will this affect the sets being put out? Just nipped in and couldn’t see anything yet.
    Of course I understand if employees are no longer allowed to comment.

  • Connor

    September 9th, 2021 - 12:33pm

    Anything in Exeter folks?

    • booboo

      September 9th, 2021 - 12:43pm

      not yet

  • Coleman

    September 9th, 2021 - 12:01pm

    Where Dan posted he’d seen the Sensorite sets in Southampton, theirs two B&M Stores across the road from each other. (Never seen that before). Must be popular.

    • Kone112

      September 9th, 2021 - 12:30pm

      I’ve been to 4 b&m stores in the North East today and there’s nothing. Basically there not on the shelves yet . As for the one sighting in Southampton I take it with a pitch of salt cause there’s not one other store in the country has got them. Usually they do start to appear late on a Thursday night if the other sets in the past are anything to go by.

    • booboo

      September 9th, 2021 - 1:38pm

      They were there, its from a regular poster

    • Coleman

      September 9th, 2021 - 12:47pm

      Hello Kone112, Their was a situation on here just a week or so ago where someone posted they had received the Eaglemoss Rare Dalek, Statue of Liberty and issues 202 and 203 of the magazine.
      Another guy posted I’d take that with a pinch of salt. Then literally hours after that everyone started receiving their despatch notifications. (It Happens).

    • Coleman

      September 9th, 2021 - 1:52pm

      Now spotted in Manchester, Kone112.

  • Matt Bevan

    September 9th, 2021 - 10:44am

    Just been to both Bedford stores and nothing there yet, but I reckon we could start seeing stock on the shop floor from tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      September 9th, 2021 - 11:06am

      Matt, quick question. If you think they could be on shelf’s from Tomorrow, wouldn’t that mean they would be in the back already now, ready to be put out.
      Would it have been worth your while asking a staff member if they where some in the back. To bring you a few out?

    • Matt Bevan

      September 9th, 2021 - 12:38pm

      I don’t know for sure that they did have stock, not going to bother staff about a couple of action figures, they’ve got more important things to do. I made the assumption based around the discussions on here that sets were being seen and were arriving in warehouses.

  • Rob W

    September 9th, 2021 - 10:11am

    Hi Boo Boo
    Will the B&M barcode scan only work when the items have been scanned on the shopfloor or when they delivered to the store.

    • booboo

      September 9th, 2021 - 10:17am

      i dont think its working at all, the stocks on the system so it should work even if its not arrived at a store, i will keep checking though

  • Phil

    September 9th, 2021 - 9:25am

    Anyone seen anything in Colchester yet? I will try at lunchtime

    • Phil

      September 9th, 2021 - 12:40pm

      Nothing at 12.30 lunchtime Thursday in Colchester

  • Kone112

    September 9th, 2021 - 8:57am

    Anyone seen anything in the North east yet ? I’m off work today I’ll have a look round and report back.

    • booboo

      September 9th, 2021 - 9:03am

      nothing but they could easily arrive today

    • Paul Armstrong

      September 9th, 2021 - 9:12am

      Nothing in Jarrow as of 9.10am and no deliveries scheduled today

    • Peter C

      September 9th, 2021 - 10:40am

      Not had a chance to get to the South Shields shop yet. Was thinking of going sometime this week. Let me know if you see anything, thanks.

    • Kone112

      September 9th, 2021 - 12:59pm

      Nothing in South shields , Roker, washington or sunderland

    • A4geek

      September 9th, 2021 - 1:27pm

      Nothing in Northumberland

  • The ergon

    September 8th, 2021 - 8:27pm

    Booboo if i see them what email adress do i post to?

    • The ergon

      September 8th, 2021 - 8:28pm

      To post photos i mean.

    • booboo

      September 9th, 2021 - 9:46am

    • booboo

      September 9th, 2021 - 9:46am

    • the ergon

      September 9th, 2021 - 10:08am

      Thanks. If i see anything out there ill post images for people.

  • Cool Penguin

    September 8th, 2021 - 7:27pm

    Have any shown up in stores yet?

    • booboo

      September 8th, 2021 - 7:29pm

      possibly but its all immanent at this time

    • philip shaw

      September 9th, 2021 - 9:39am

      I’m going to blackpool lights tomorrow night so will look in the B&M’s near the promenade and report back if anything is in.

  • Marcus

    September 8th, 2021 - 6:27pm

    Has anybody seen any sets in the B&M store in Kidderminster by the viaduct / Bridge I’ll be looking soon but just wanted to see if anybody has been recently

  • Dan

    September 8th, 2021 - 6:15pm

    About 10 Sensorites sets in B&M Southampton – no other sets anywhere else in the store though. Hopefully this means the rest will follow shortly!

    • booboo

      September 8th, 2021 - 6:20pm

      can you say which store?

    • Dan

      September 8th, 2021 - 6:24pm

      B&M Southampton, Millbrook store

    • Coleman

      September 8th, 2021 - 6:30pm

      Should imagine this is from the Bedford distribution centre which is a fair distance to Southampton, so their definitely getting around.

    • Coleman

      September 8th, 2021 - 6:37pm

      Booboo, will you be putting a Dalek on every store that as recieved stock?

    • booboo

      September 8th, 2021 - 6:40pm

      if i can but this takes a huge amount of my time if I’m honest but i want this to work

    • Cool Penguin

      September 8th, 2021 - 7:28pm

      Were they just in the toy aisle or did they put them somewhere else?

  • AlbertoFrog

    September 8th, 2021 - 3:07pm

    There is a brand new B&M store opening tomorrow in Hedge End, Southampton. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to carry these on launch day. One can hope…

    • Coleman

      September 9th, 2021 - 11:12am

      Funny you should mention Southampton AlbertoFrog, that’s were the first sightings been on this site, Ah ah.

  • Coleman

    September 8th, 2021 - 2:30pm

    Booboo, what’s this thread doing at the top of the page again, have sets started to arrive?

    • FH

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:33pm

      ‘B&M 2021 Stocks Arrive’ 😉

    • booboo

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:39pm

      there is a sequence of events starting with the stock actually arriving with B&M (stocks arrive) and then being sent to stores. Normally this happen almost immediately but this year its sat a round for a while before being sent out, until now.

    • Coleman

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:41pm

      FH, that statement at the top of page about stocks have arrived and will be hitting stores shortly has been their all the time?

    • booboo

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:45pm

      The “stocks arrive” line has always been they have a arried with B&M , not stores

      it said in the coming days and weeks before, now its shortly, or imminently if you like

    • prototype dalek

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:46pm

      So, still no sign as of yet when stock might be distributed as of yet booboo?

      Or the update being some stock has been released?

    • Coleman

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:47pm

      Ergon, don’t panic, dont panic, their arriving.

  • the ergon

    September 6th, 2021 - 3:11pm

    all still at warehouse, none in store yet. Thats not telling you much. Just a case of when. If we could just hear of one store, you,d know there starting to circulate but everything is so vague and up in the air.

    • prototype dalek

      September 6th, 2021 - 8:58pm

      Soon as some set’s appear on eBay and social media, then you know the stock is getting around. But as of yet and till then, it is just a waiting game.

    • Tom Williams

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:14pm

      It’s always a waiting game as I myself is waiting for a preordered album coming out on Friday and still no dispatch email hope this gets sorted soon with b and m products

    • the ergon

      September 8th, 2021 - 2:27pm

      I don,t know when to contact without constantly pestering so unless i see photos or hear that someone has actually acquired these i,m going to leave it.

  • Confused

    September 6th, 2021 - 1:02pm

    Booboo have these left the warehouse yet? Should stores have them ready to go on shelves. TIA

    • booboo

      September 6th, 2021 - 1:18pm

      not as of Saturday

  • Tim Lord Victorious

    September 6th, 2021 - 12:15pm

    Just been in to B&M Charlton SE London
    The most unhelpful staff I have ever encountered at a B&M. Advised me to come back at Christmas as that’s when they would probably put them out. When I questiond this the staff member just walked off.
    Customer service anybody…

    • Andrew

      September 6th, 2021 - 4:19pm

      Customer service is not in B&Ms business model.

      This is the way.

  • Doctor dolby

    September 6th, 2021 - 10:48am

    Rang customer services today spoke to the lady who said the figures have only just arrived at the warehouse on Saturday so we are looking at Wednesday to Thursday for them to be on the shelves

    • booboo

      September 6th, 2021 - 11:17am

      they arrived before Saturday, when the stocks arrive post went live.

    • Peter C

      September 6th, 2021 - 11:23am

      Do we know if they are still 19.99 each as per the last few waves?

  • DrXshock

    September 5th, 2021 - 2:39pm

    I’ve checked four b&m’s in greater manchester: Cheadle, Burnage, Belle Vue and Swinton. Not a single DW product in there. Will try in a week or few.

    • JJwho

      September 5th, 2021 - 9:10pm

      How big is the Cheadle one and does it usually get a lot of stock?

    • Button

      September 6th, 2021 - 12:53am

      I checked the one in Sale, nada.

  • Connor

    September 5th, 2021 - 12:03pm

    Exeter B&M’s have none. Saying deliveries are hit and miss nation wide. The kind lady said that she’s not expecting them for a week maybe two. Hold on guys!

  • Xander J Williams Esq

    September 5th, 2021 - 5:39am

    Will These Be On Amazon For Buyers And Collectors Who In The USA ?

    • booboo

      September 5th, 2021 - 9:09am

      The vibes seem to be neither The USA or Australia are getting them this time but no one seems to want to come straight out and say it.

    • Robert Watkins

      September 5th, 2021 - 9:54am

      Both Doctor Who North America and The Who Store America have had past B&M sets, it might be worth contacting them?

    • booboo

      September 5th, 2021 - 10:20am

      they just get people to ship them from the UK and the its 2-3 times the price, Gogs1 traded out some sets but if they are not going to have them any more only an official supplier working with CO will be able to keep prices as there were

  • mondas.creations

    September 5th, 2021 - 12:10am

    anything in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire?

  • Phil

    September 4th, 2021 - 7:23pm

    Nothing in Colchester this afternoon.

    • Dave

      September 4th, 2021 - 8:38pm

      Thanks for saying Phil I’ll keep you updated as well

    • Nick Rich

      September 5th, 2021 - 12:09am

      Tonbridge wont have any there useless so i have buy of e bay i have e mailed them got no reply so i have to pay high prices.

    • TimelordTim

      September 5th, 2021 - 9:46am

      You can try and wait a few months, the prices always come down on eBay and Amazon.

      You can get the last lot of B&M 3-packs for about £10 each (sometimes less) on eBay now, and they had gone down to the £20 retail price ages ago.

      With a bit of patience the high initial prices are unnecessary to pay.

  • Rob Marsden

    September 4th, 2021 - 6:03pm

    I checked Meadowhall Retail Park today – nothing yet.

  • TheSupremeDalek101

    September 4th, 2021 - 2:39pm

    Checked at st austell b and m and so far no sign of any figures yet

  • Josh

    September 4th, 2021 - 12:37am

    Still nothing on Ikon/Popcultcha. I think it’s pretty certain, based on prior lead times for pre-orders and distribution via Ikon, that these just won’t be sold directly in Australia.. so eBay is our only option down here. Scalpers win again.

    • AsronG

      September 4th, 2021 - 3:44pm

      You say “scalpers win again” but they’ve had their fingers burnt with previous waves.

      A quick eBay search shows the Sarah Jane and Romana set from last year freely available for as little as £9 – that’s less than half the original purchase price.

      It’s just a matter of being patient and you could actually get a real bargain!

  • Tardis23

    September 3rd, 2021 - 10:24pm

    2 stores I see missing are Alfreton town centre (Derbyshire) and Burton upon Trent.


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