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Big Finish 4th Doctor 3.02 White Ghosts

A close encounter with a stray missile leads the Doctor to materialise his TARDIS on a planet that hangs in the dark at the edge of the known…

0 12 Feb 2014

Doctor Who Adventures issue 339

BBC Doctor Who Adventures magazine recently asked readers to vote in a poll to find the ultimate monster from the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Time of…

7 11 Feb 2014

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

If you’ve always wanted to step inside the TARDIS, here’s your chance. This 72″ square shower curtain will let you get away from the craziness of the real world, if just…

10 11 Feb 2014

Doctor who – Wave 2 Action Figures

Battle against some famous foes like the supreme beings that are the Daleks, the terrifying Weeping Angels or the Zygon which are all included in this exciting… collection

0 10 Feb 2014

Voice Interactive Assault Dalek Review

The Dalek is 18” tall. It may not sound huge but the Dalek is massive! The Dalek figure overall is a good build quality and looks amazing; just like…

15 10 Feb 2014

Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Green Jacket

The 11th Doctor’s Green Jacket is a long pea coat that can be described as Elphaba Thropp meets Dad’s Army green. You may remember it from such…

32 6 Feb 2014

Doctor Who: The Cruel Sea

An outstanding volume of comic strips collecting the complete adventures of the Ninth Doctor as played on TV by Christopher Eccleston, alongside…

13 6 Feb 2014