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August 4th, 2013 1,372 comments

Doctor Who Series 8 and Beyond – Your Ideas

Series 8 and Beyond – Your Ideas

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  • Ultimate Whovian EXTERMINATE!

    August 16th, 2016 - 5:25pm

    Here are my series 10 episodes:

    1. The Doctor Dalek
    2. The Armour Error
    3. Apollo 13
    4. Things that go bump
    5. Nightmare
    6. Red man
    7. Labyrinth of Stone (Part 1)
    8. Turn Around (Part 2)
    9. The Other World
    10. The Ultimate Paradox
    11. Second Dimension
    12. The Poison Flower
    13. The Time Of Beyond
    14. The End of Humans
    15. Xmas Special: A Christmas Surprise

    If you have anyquestions feel free to ask away

  • Ultimate Whovian EXTERMINATE!

    August 16th, 2016 - 4:57pm

    Does anybody read this any more seeing as the last one was posted in 2014?
    If no, what other website can you do the same things?

    • Ultimate Whovian EXTERMINATE!

      August 16th, 2016 - 4:59pm

      (or 2015)

  • Jacej

    January 25th, 2016 - 5:52am

    The doctor gets trapped in a parallel universe, just like what happened to him and rose. He then runs into a parallel version of an older form of himself, for in this universe he hadn’t regenerated yet.

  • TardisBlue

    December 24th, 2015 - 9:05pm

    I think this would be a perfect and interesting series:

    Deaths Dispense-Omega returns and opens the rift which will destroy all humanity

    Tear OF Satan-in an alien city the doctor and Clara have suspicion on a group of satanists who are trying to bring back a unwelcomed creature from the grounds

    An angles feather-the doctor and Clara land on a planet which contains human creatures with angle like wings who were once ruled by a golden bird but since he had fallen ill, a civil war breached between the world and half of the creatures wings were now black, to show the sides of the war, will they ever be able to be one again?

    The corner of your eye-the doctor and Clara find an old orphanage which is owned by a strange man, but where are all the children? and who is this man? as the doctor and Clara investigate they find that it had shut down 10 years ago and that the man was in fact a demon along with his demon children who can be seen in mirrors and shadows and real life

    Shattered glass(part 2)- the doctor and Clara find themselves running from the demons who have taken the form of creepy children who used to go to the child home, but what do they want from them? and where are the real children now?

    Halloween special- the doctor and Clara are in present day England but the children are going missing,and who is this mysterious creature with a stick like body and a pumpkin head?

    Planet 10- The doctor and Clara find a strange crew of humans mining on a snowy planet, but why are the troopers going missing, and what is this planet really for? they find the planet is the planet of the cyber men and that the tomb has been rebuilt and the doctor has to stop them from taking off to spread across the galaxy/universe

    Mission of the daleks- Unit are threatened by the daleks for an attack that would take place on earth so the doctor is called for help, but was it a good idea for unit to take the fight top them on skaro? and what is the plan of davros this time?

    Rising- the doctor and Clara locate themselves onto a ship that has found themselves stuck on a planet in an investigation for alien life in the year 2089, but what has halted them, and why are they getting closer? the aliens (the rising) break into the ship and try to feast on the humans but they escape in to the risings ship whilst the doctor is stabbed!

    Left overs- the survivors including Clara are trapped in the risings ship but the doctor has been left behind and stabbed. Clara and the survivors investigate the ship to find eggs and other rising creatures inside but the doctor is in danger with the rising in his wounds. closer to the end of the episode the doctor ends up finding the Tardis and blows the planet up after rescuing Clara and the surviving crew.

    Hunting woods- On an old bog planet of trees, a group of futuristic humans are at civil war in the wild woods but an infection has started to turn the other side into zombie like creatures (as seen in sleep no more) and the doctor and Clara must stop it (a hunger games style episode)

    Memories in the ashes (finale part 1) – The doctor has been called to a meet up where he discovers he has to take part in a battle with Clara or else it will spread across the universe but he is warned it could kill Clara. after telling her they go to see what they will be fighting on the planet desteron, where there are Necrobanes (very similar to storm troopers). the doctor and Clara are then chased to the human space ships in the future who are leading their way to the planet which is being evacuated in the alien city’s as this is where the war will take place. war begins between the futuristic humans and the necrobanes and the city is getting destroyed. Clara is kidnapped and the doctor goes to space where all the ships are fighting (star wars style). the doctor finds the leader of the necrobanes ( a bit like kylo ren) but he does not know who lies under the mask. the doctor discovers that the war on the city was just the beginning of the war and that the real war takes place in space. after rescuing Clara he and her try to escape the ship but the glass f the room breaks and Clara fly’s right through the window and dies. we then discover Clara is the leader of the necrobanes but she is really an evil edition that was clones.

    A tear of a soldier (finale part 2)- the doctor is sad for Clara death and begins to become a soldier and fights his way through space to kill all the necrobanes. in his rage he find that Clara is not dead but taken prisoner and that he had to save her but had no chance of doing so due to the evil Clara. the doctor then finds Clara and battles necrobanes. at the end of the episode evil Clara wins and and the war is over but the doctor must stop her but Clara takes his place. Clara says her goodbyes and tells the doctor to get into the tardis and go and so he does and Clara self destructs the ship with her inside it to save the universe and the doctor. the explosion wipes out the necrobanes for good and kills evil Clara clone. the doctor then roams through space alone whilst he morns for Clara.

    • TardisBlue

      May 16th, 2016 - 7:38pm

      It continues…

      Christmas Special:The winter of the doctor-With Clara dead, the doctor morns through space in his tardis only to crash into the ship of a distressed soul. This happens to be a scavenger space traveler (played by daisy ridley also known as rey from star wars) named Amithest. The doctor discovers she has fled form her home universe to find the perfect christmas gift…peace, as her universe has been invaded in a 10 year war and has wiped out her whole planet including her family and friends. as a survivor, she battles with the doctor to put a halt to the war. but bad news has struck for the doctor as he finds that the war is between the NECROBANES! one ship survived. at the end the doctor and amithest save her universe and amithest finds her family and that they are not dead. she also denys the doctors proposal of coming with him.

  • Jacob Adams

    December 10th, 2015 - 5:42pm

    I’ve posted ideas a million times, but now Series 9 is finished, here is my new Series 10 Episode Guide:

    Christmas Special – The Husbands of River Song
    The Doctor is missing a piece of his past, Clara, and has began his search throughout the universe to discover the true secrets behind her vanishing from his memories. However, when his TARDIS collides with a small vessel belonging to River Song and her new husband, Jack Grim, the Doctor joins forces with the pair in the biggest heist ever – they are going to steal a Christmas Tree in the middle of a galactic Empire holding a dark secret about yet another husband of River. Meanwhile, the Doctor – calling himself the Professor so that River doesn’t know his identity – must try and find peace, and accept that there are some secrets that will never be revealed.

    • Jacob Adams

      December 10th, 2015 - 5:51pm

      Episode 1 – Glitches
      Jessica Taylors works for MBC – a news company – and is interviewing the newly elected Prime Minister, Daniel Clarkson, when Mr Clarkson glitches and disappears on live television in a flash of blue light, before flickering back into existence to apologize for his short moment of absence. The world goes into panic, with several calling the live glitch a stunt; others say that Jessica is to blame. UNIT is on high alert out of panic that the Prime Minister was kidnapped by aliens, and what remains of Torchwood has sworn its allegiance to uncover the truth. And then Jessica meets a man called the Doctor, who asks for her help and takes her away in an extra-ordinary blue box called the TARDIS. Her world is about to change, but can she stop the glitches?

      Villains: the Slitheen Family, the world leaders are holograms controlled by the Slitheen used to generate profit from the entertainment the control brings the the galaxy. They are small time villains, only appearing for a few scenes in the episode as it centers around Jessica mainly.

    • Jacob Adams

      December 10th, 2015 - 5:57pm

      Episode 2 – Future and Beyond
      The Doctor takes Jessica for her first trip in the TARDIS, and following a tradition of taking companions to the future, he takes her to a place he has visited many times – New Earth. However, upon arriving at a point in time where it should exist, the Doctor finds that the planet is missing and begins to worry that time has been changed. Hopping back into the TARDIS, the Doctor travels to New New York in the past and watches as New Earth is launched unexpectedly into the Time Vortex only to emerge far in the future, near the end of the Universe. It is then that the Doctor discovers that a Scientist has mistakenly turned the planet into a Time Machine, and it is then that the Doctor and Jessica must encounter a terrible foe in the form of the Terrebisul…

      Villains: The Terrebisul, voices in the head of a Scientist which encouraged him to turn New Earth into a Time Machine so that they could feast off of the changes of time on such a large scale. They appear to like like walking cloaks, with one massive yellow eye resting underneath the hood.

    • Jacob Adams

      December 10th, 2015 - 6:14pm

      Episode 3 – Approaching Death (Part 1 of 2)
      The Doctor is contacted by River Song, who makes him aware of the fact that she has been captured by a group of law enforcers known as the Criteria, who plan to execute her for crimes against humanity. Worried that the death of River Song will trigger yet another change of reality – she is supposed to die in the Library – the Doctor agrees to assist her in an escape. However, when the Doctor finds out that River is accused of killing a group of innocent refugees in order to steal treasure, he begins to question whether she deserves the punishment. Meanwhile, Jessica is contacted by the MBC and is asked to reveal her location. When she reveals that she is on a prison planet billions of stars away, she is demanded to take pictures as evidence… Will Jessica risk her future with the Doctor in order to have a future in the MBC?

      Villains: the Criteria, a warrior race with the appearance of insects who have captured River Song and plan to execute her. They are not terrible creatures, they simply are acting against the plans of the Doctor. River could also be considered a villain, since she is accused of killing innocent refugees.

      Cliff Hanger: The Doctor watches as River Song is executed in front of a crowd with a blaster shot to the back, and decides (after some encouragement from Jessica) to rescue her and bring her back from the dead.

    • Jacob Adams

      December 10th, 2015 - 6:26pm

      Episode 4 – Escaping Death (Part 2 of 2)
      The Doctor and Jessica have watched River Song die at the hands of the Criteria, but the Doctor refuses to allow time to change and adjust to her new passing date. Traveling back in time to several moments before she is killed, the Doctor snatches River and rescues her, before telling her that he plans to find the true killers of the refugees and capture them so that they can take her punishment. Pursued by the Criteria, the Doctor travels to 19th Century Earth, where in a Victorian Factory, he watches River Song kill alien refugees in order to steal a treasure they had been hiding. River is certain that she did not kill them, but with a lack of evidence, will the Doctor and Jessica hand River back to the Criteria once more?

      Villains: *The Criteria, an alien warrior race searching for River Song so that she can be executed for a crime they believe she committed.
      *River Song, the Doctor assumes she killed alien refugees, and so she goes on the run, almost killing a child before she decides against it.
      *Vla Raken, an alien which wears the face of River Song after a deadly encounter when River was a young time traveler, and the true killer of the refugees.

    • Corey Hanna

      January 16th, 2016 - 2:48pm

      Here is my ideas for series 10 1. Looped in time 2. The enemy of time part 2 3.execution to the daleks p1 4.nightmare on skaro p2 5 journey to the end of time of death 7. The rise of the autons 8. The end of the cybermen 9 church of evil 10 the ice age 11 friends of the doctor p1 12 enemies of the doctor p2 Christmas special the Christmas spirit

  • Thomas Martin

    November 30th, 2015 - 10:19pm

    Series 10

    Episode 1 and Episode 2 Opening Episodes : As Time Passes , The Shadow Underneath – two parter there is no concept of time it’s been destroyed and being controlled and the doctor has to figure out how to resolve this after facing the sisterhood of kahn his next test is a massive challenge pushing his new companion to the limit , in the second of the two parter the Vashta nerada appear but is this all as it seems , Does No time means no Light or Shadow’s ? will the shadow proclamation end the doctor’s struggle? or does the doctor win and change everything forever

    Episode 3 and Episode 4 : Flying Bullets , Battle To Save Humanity – Two Parter

    The doctor and his new companion land on earth in the present day after being through a tough test everything is normal, however a incident occurs when the doctor is contacted by a old friend Journey Blue she is leading resistance fighters against this alien threat they have taken down humanity’s weapons and are armed for a War. There is and No help world leaders are gathered and in crisis. The doctor arrives , soon after deaths start happening these are unexplained and get worse , The doctor has good friends in the remains of a fractured Unit with the alien force gaining acess there is a battle and someone important dies .

    After finding out the doctor has no control of this event and that he can’t fix the problem it is Humanity’s End of day’s more situations are on there way as Kate Stewart says this has lead to a huge displacement around the globe humanity is living in fear , The doctor manages to arm the remaining parts of Humanity and they take a stand in a massive global battle with guns in this episode , After defeating the threat the doctor is left to explain to his Companion this is the future of Humanity’s survival.

    Episode 5 – The Timelord Project

    The doctor lands in the past of earth after a testing time everyone has been taken to a refuge , they are scientifically testing a medicine in a industrial accident nuclear waste the dna gains the doctor’s abilities unleashed on a human it creates a timelord monster, they lure it out to sunlight destroying the monster and wining in the end guest stars in this episode.

    Episode Six : Fear The Reaper

    Imagine Living in a world where death can be stopped ? this episode is set a few years into the future in 2018 humanity has invented a way to contact the grim reaper once you see it you are gone immediately and vanish into thin air , the fear kills you , the doctor doesn’t agree with the method of this , but with His New Companion having all human emotions they have to turn this emotion off to survive.

    Episode Seven and Episode 8 : Two Parter The Geothermic Ambition , Grounding It Central

    Way outside in Earth in 2040 there is a project designed to drill through the earth extracting energy for use to power new technology the doctor and his companion land in the tardis after a earthquake the tardis transports itself away leaving the doctor stranded , he speaks to the leader who reaches a milestone creating a acess the doctor and his new friends explore the future.

    After using human resources the doctor is skeptical humanity doesn’t negotiate well and after one of their drill project team find a new alien race after they negotiate well with a new race , they find out they disrupted their home , however the talks go well.

    The doctor is about to leave when the new alien race find out why he is there unfortunately they turn and use a new attack poison , the doctor manages to escape using the new alien technology the Tardis is not recovered , they find a central escape route and win the fight.

    Episode 9 : The Victorian Riddle

    The tardis translation system throw up an unusual message and it’s being posted along the walls of victorian england , while the doctor races to find out whats going on the symbols appear and disappear with a riddle linking the solution and a Expert in this era helps him Guest stars Benedict cumberbatch as Diahl – Crypto message expert who says he will see them again.

    Episode 10 The Fading Light Guest Star Diahl

    After the two events rigsy has been involved in the doctor takes a break with his new companion unaware of what’s going on when he receives the call he put his foot down and says he is unwilling to help him and doesnt help . however this get more serious when there is sunlight around in 2015 but it fades out sooner like a electric light , his new companion finds Diahl and they find a cryptic riddle linking this back to ancient symbols without the doctor they are by themselves to solve this problem.

    Episode 11 and Episode 12

    On The Edge , Mission To Survive

    The doctor loses his new companion in a maze they are reaching a point of no return, she is not lost and has uncovered one of the doctor’s secrets triggering a series of occurences , we learn of the doctor’s past and the doctor’s history good and bad revealed.

    After his secret is revealed the doctor has to stop it being found so they travel to where he shouldn’t go the parallel universe on a mission to find his companion , without breaking his own secret .

  • Evans the coward

    October 31st, 2015 - 4:34pm

    1 sub zero
    The doctor meets Kelly a new companion and they fight the ice warriors on raston. Special appearance of the warrior robot.
    2 green fingers
    Kelly tries to pilot the Tardis and they end up on the planet of the kriniod. Kelly gets infected by it and attacks the doctor: cliffhanger.
    3 the kriniod kelly
    Kelly attacks the doctor in the Tardis. She is cured eventally by the Tardis.

  • Anonymous

    May 25th, 2015 - 7:01pm

    1. Time of the Tabiru
    -Set in the late 19th Century, the Doctor and his companion Cathrine, meets with Jenny, Vastra and Strax. Every day the clock on Big Ben stops for one minute, people try to fix it but anyone who goes in does come back out. An investigation is in order to be able to find out what is happening to Big Ben. What seems like an impossible reality may be the truth.

    2. People of Plastic
    -The Doctor and companion are visiting a planet named “Solieles”, a planet home to many species. A new building opened, only 3 weeks before the Doctor arrived. Since then, power failures have been occurring frequently. Which means something is draining the power. Can the Doctor and his companion make these connections and work out these happenings, and stop these people of plastic.

    3. City of the Boneless
    -The Doctor is swooping by, trying to land in Easter Island but something is messing up the TARDIS’ systems, sending it way of course. But the Doctor drops his screwdriver after checking his surroundings. It falls down landing in front of Chicagoan, Kian. Him and his friend Emily try to solve the disappearances, and what seems to be “flattening”. Using some help from the stranded Doctor, can they both stop these creatures before the whole Earth is flattened.

    4.a) Shadows that Devour
    5.b) Army of Bones
    The doctor and the companion are visiting the largest museum in the universe. But when a rain storm of darkness falls down onto the planet, they try to help the innocent visitors from what seems to be shadows that eat. Vashta Nerada. But this time they gave grown. They can now power skeletons out of suits. They must go against an army of skeletons and the shadows.

    6. The Infection of New Earth
    Doctor and companion accidentally land on new earth in a different new city (New California/New London/etc) and try to stop a huge virus killing everyone.

    7. Ice Caps of Dauchaw
    A planet made of ice holds one of the biggest and worst killers in the universe, due to rising temperatures it melts, releasing the creature and flooding the city. The doctor needs to stop everyone drowning and the monster.

    8.a)The Green Horrors
    9.b) Under the Skin
    Slitheen are trying to liquify the planet.

    10. Hostility of the Dhaliax
    A race of alien/robots who are able to duplicate themselves like bacteria. They crash land onto a distant planet where the doctor is visiting, he has to stop an army of thousands upon millions of these creatures, but with there habit of self-destruction, it is difficult to talk to them. With an impossible challenge of counting these growing and suicidal monsters, can they defeat these supposedly impossible creatures.

    11.a) Carionites Installation
    12.b) Witches of London
    The TARDIS is badly damaged after it’s last adventure, things fly out, including the glass orb that contains the carrionites, it falls on to London and releases them all. Using the skyscrapers as bases, they destroy the city and try to wreck the rest if the word and turn it to ash, bones and blood. They need to reverse it all before they are able to destroy to doctor.

  • Abby B

    February 28th, 2015 - 2:52am

    I would like for the gangers of Miranda and the Doctor from “The Almost People” to come back. I would also like to see Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, again.

  • Simon C

    February 16th, 2015 - 9:21pm

    Can we please have the Doctor go to the pre-universe somehow? Please?

  • oscarwho

    December 22nd, 2014 - 11:31am

    The doctor who dvd box set 2 disc set : day of the doctor , city of death and an unearthly child and the war games . Time of the doctor . Deep breath. Plus special new covers.

  • cyber king 2022

    December 20th, 2014 - 9:18pm

    Doctor who and the wicker man

    The Doctor and Clara are heading on holiday to the planet sundor when the tardis suddenly malfunctions, and they find themselves on a mysterious island where the local people are preparing for the may day celebrations. But all is not as it seems, The people begin to show hostility towards both The Doctor and Clara and they plan to sacrifice them in order for the crops to grow, as part of the event. As things start to unravel The doctor wishes he should have picked a better vacation spot, when he and Clara discover the dark secret of the wicker man.

  • Adam Mitchell

    December 15th, 2014 - 2:33am

    Some special:
    All alive doctor actors will star in a special. The ones that are 6? or earlier that are alive will use motion capture so that look as they did while portraying the doctor. 1, 2 and 3 will be portrayed either by lookalikes (like the guy in An Adventure in Space and Time) or by descendants with makeup or motion capture.

    The storyline will have the release of the time lords from Pete’s World, where Rose and the 10th doctor clone will come over to the prime universe. The time lords, having spent thousands of years stuck in Pete’s World, will be furious and attempt to kill the current doctor. The TARDIS brings all the doctors to the future to save the current one. Later it is revealed at the end that some shadow has been manipulating the entire time. I believe it is the Valeyard, but it could as well be Rassilon or the Master.

    • Adam Mitchell

      December 15th, 2014 - 3:04am

      Oh and in reply to anyone who doesn’t believe people can do realistic motion capture, you should see CLU in Tron Legacy. He is a motion captured version of Jeff Bridges who was de-aged.

    • The Werewolf

      December 15th, 2014 - 3:50am

      Gollum is and always will be in my opinion the best example of motion-capture.

      De-aging doesn’t look too good though usually.

    • Adam Mitchell

      December 15th, 2014 - 8:25am

      Well they did it with CLU seemingly perfectly so I don’t know how accurate your statement is.

    • Adam Mitchell

      December 15th, 2014 - 8:40am

      Okay, I’ve got it, the special should be 10 years of new doctor who next year.

  • cyber king 2022

    December 13th, 2014 - 1:34pm

    Here is how I want my finale of series 9 to be like.

    Clara. doctor it doesn’t have to be this way listen to me!

    The doctor under control of the valeyard. I told you I am not the doctor I am the valeyard! You precious doctor is dead and I am free to rule this pathetic universe. Once I ve dealt with you and that other pudding brain no one will be able to stop me! not even the doctor!

    Clara. He’s still in there. the real doctor!

    The valeyard. I m the real doctor. I m the powerful one!

    He grabs clara by the neck forcing her to the floor almost strangling her

    Clara struggling to breath. Doctor listen to me I know your in there somewhere so pay attention. you are strong. stronger then any other being in the universe. you ve always told me in past not to give up no matter how strong the odds are. And now I am telling you to be strong. you are nothing like the valeyard! be strong! be stronger then him!

    The doctor begins to twist and groan as he tries to force the valeyard out his body and after a difficult struggle he knocks his darker self to the floor with a well timed punch.

    He rushes over to Clara to see if she’s alright and helps her up.

    The doctor. Clara are you alright?
    Clara. I m fine no thanks to him! (points in the valeyards direction)

    The doctor stumbles a bit and sees his hands start to glow. This body of mines wearing a bit thin. Turns to Clara . you know what to do.
    Clara. don’t worry doctor the moment has been prepared for.
    as the doctor regenerates Clara walks straight into him and a flash of blue light fills the room .
    the valeyard. NOOOOO!

    The new doctor stands up proudly and smiles at him. Oh yes mate now that I have regenerated with Clara’s help this means you are no longer apart of me! catch you later love! She kisses him on the cheek and heads off in the tardis.
    The valeyard. Doctor you cant just leave me here! Doctor!
    CREDITS roll.

  • cyber king 2022

    December 10th, 2014 - 7:36pm

    The cruel sea

    The doctor and Clara arrive on mars in the 22nd century where it has become leisure planet and are invited on a luxury cruise across the waters of mars . but all is not as it seems when the doctor accidently falls into the red sea his body is taken over by an evil entity that feeds off peoples fears. will clara be able to restore the doctor to his body before the entity wreaks havoc through all of time and space?

  • cyber king 2022

    December 9th, 2014 - 2:59pm

    Series 9

    ep 1 Clara’s secret

    ep 2 the cruel sea

    ep 3 Revenge is sweet

    ep 4 Curse of arkhaten

    ep 5 hell gate

    ep 6 matrix

    ep 7 ice time

    ep 8 Golden death

    ep 9 dial m for mistress

    ep 10 the minute men

    ep 11 rise of the valeyard

    ep 12 Futures saviour

    • cyber king 2022

      December 9th, 2014 - 3:20pm

      Clara’s secret

      The doctor visits Clara whilst she is still getting over Danny’s death. They begin to hear strange noises coming from the attic and decide to investigate and the doctor finds a familiar looking pocket watch with galilifreian symbols on it. He realises it s a chameleon arc and when the pocket watch opens Clara’s true identity is reviled. she says that she is the watcher a projection of the doctors future self and she disguised herself as a human to protect him. as things start to unravel the doctor finds himself up against prisoner x the brother of prisoner zero. Will he survive?

    • cyber king 2022

      December 11th, 2014 - 5:27pm

      revenge is sweet

      Perkins is enjoying his new job working at Kandy land and when the doctor and Clara show up it means one thing. danger. People have begun vanish randomly in the past few days and no one knows why. The Doctor discovers the grim truth. The Kandy man has returned and has taken over the theme park planning to turn it into a human sweet factory. Can the doctor scupper his plans?

    • cyber king 2022

      December 11th, 2014 - 5:40pm

      Curse of arkhaten

      The Tardis arrives in arkhaten years after the festival of offerings and all seems well. Apart from the presence of a man claiming to be the so called new god who will lead the people out of the darkness which troubles the doctor Clara and Perkins. They fear there is more to that man then meets the eye and discover his body contains a force of evil whose name rhymes with east.

    • cyber king 2022

      December 11th, 2014 - 5:48pm


      The doctor and his friends know what the beast really wants. power. They try to convince the people of arkhaten of the danger they re in but no one believes them. In the darkest hour the beast tells the doctor that he knows of his future and who he will become next. the valeyard. will the doctor be able to stop the beast before it destroys arkhaten and the world?

    • cyber king 2022

      December 12th, 2014 - 10:37am


      The doctor Clara and Perkins arrive in Victorian London 1888 during the time of jack the ripper and there has been more killings then usual in recorded history. They also notice a black police box which looks like the doctors. To they re horror they discover that the ripper is actually the valeyard and He has been killing people to feed the dark matrix which the valeyard created. He has also corrupted the doctors past selves to do his bidding turning them evil. With dark times approaching the doctor must face an enemy he wished he stayed away from. will he be able to halt the valeyards plans before succumbing to darkness?

  • Korside

    December 6th, 2014 - 10:14am

    1. Inside
    2. Death Trap
    3. Pluto
    4. Mr. Hyde
    5. The Phoenix
    6. Lights Out
    7. Stare
    8. The Garden
    9. War of the Worlds
    10. Time Skip
    11. Small World
    12. IQ
    13. Reborn

  • doc15

    December 3rd, 2014 - 12:29pm

    I think there should be a spin off series called the Clara Oswald adventures featuring Clara as the main character. The first episode could have her investigating the death of Sarah Jane smith a former companion of the doctor when she’s found murdered in her home. She discovers that the killer is not of this world!

  • doc15

    December 3rd, 2014 - 12:29pm

    I think there should be a spin off series called the Clara Oswald adventures featuring Clara as the main character. The first episode could have investigating the death of Sarah Jane smith a former companion of the doctor when she’s found murdered in her home. She discovers that the killer is not of this world!

  • finn townley

    November 24th, 2014 - 6:23pm

    I got one epsode idea
    The krynoid invasion


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