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July 24th, 2018 no comments

Doctor Who Magazine Text Free Covers

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Doctor Who magazine have been answering a few questions people had about text free covers…

  • Subscriber-exclusive text-free covers will begin with issue 528 due out on 26/07/2018.
  • All existing subscribers will receive text-free covers from now on.
  • Anyone subscribing by midnight (GMT) Thursday, 26 July, will still receive issue 528 as a text-free cover.
  • Text Free coves will only be available to subscribers.
  • Subscribers will only get the text-free version, there is no option for the text edition.
  • Very occasionally, in the case of some polybagged issues the covers maybe identical to the retail version.
  • The digital version will have both covers, with the text-free version
    as the last page.

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