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Coming to DVD The Underwater Menace

From the Restoration Team – Ace colourist Jonathan Wood grading extras for Moonbase and Underwater Menace. Our final DW DVDs!…

155 5 Sep 2013

Doctor Who Terror of The Zygons DVD

Answering the Brigadier’s space/time telegraph, the Doctor (Tom Baker), Sarah and Harry arrive in the village of Tulloch, near Loch Ness…

120 19 Aug 2013

Doctor Who The Ice Warriors DVD

Doctor Who The Ice Warriors. he Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive on Earth in the far future to find that the planet is in the grip of a second ice age…

322 5 Aug 2013

Doctor Who Complete Series Seven Blu-ray

The 2012 Christmas special, The Snowmen, brings the Doctor a new friend (Jenna Coleman) in Victorian London – but has he already met her before?…

17 31 Jul 2013

Doctor Who Complete Series Seven DVD

BBC Worldwide releases all thirteen blockbuster episodes from the seventh series of the iconic sci-fi series Doctor Who on Blu-ray and DVD on October 28…

47 31 Jul 2013

The Green Death Special Edition (DVD)

When a man is found dead with his skin glowing green in an abandoned mine near the Welsh village of Llanfairfach, it’s not long before the Doctor…

108 27 Jun 2013