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Captain Jack Harkness T-Shirt Costume

Time Agent, Conman, Torchwood Leader, Immortal. Captain Jack has been many things, but one thing never changes – his sense of style!..

7 25 Jul 2013

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Costume T-Shirts

Doctor Who T-Shirts: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Costume (Forbidden Planet Exclusive) Step out in style as the Brigadier with this wonderful tee featuring UNIT’s finest!…

8 8 Jun 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 5th Doctor Designs

Spectrox Refinery Inspired by ‘The Caves of Androzani’ (1984) and RE-GEN5 Praxis Gas Detector Inspired by the Peter Davison era (1981-1984)…

2 6 Jun 2013

Doctor Who Hedgewicks T-shirts

Doctor Who T-Shirt: Hedgewicks Logo as worn by the Ride Attendants at Hedgewicks World Theme Parka and Hedgewicks Spacey Zoomer. Show everyone that…

3 15 May 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 4th Doctor Designs

Dark Bunny T Shirts 4th Doctor Designs – Chase Mansion – Botanical Gardens Inspired by ‘The Seeds of Doom’ (1976) and Intergalactic Floral Society…

1 23 Apr 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 3rd Doctor Designs

Dark Bunny T Shirts 3rd Doctor Designs – Venusian AikidoInspired by the John Pertwee era and Auto Plastics Inspired by ‘Spearhead From Space’ (1970)..

6 28 Mar 2013

3rd Doctor Three Doctors Costume T-Shirt

Dress like the 3rd Doctor as he appeared in the groundbreaking story “The Three Doctors” – only without the need to mess around with bow ties…

7 8 Mar 2013

Buckle-Down Doctor Who Seat Belts (USA)

Seatbelt belts are made with an authentic metal seat belt buckle. The belt is “one size fits most” that adjusts easily to fit a size 24 to 38 inch waist…

19 1 Mar 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 2nd Doctor Designs

Dark Bunny T Shirts 2nd Doctor Designs: Cosmic Hobo: Monster Squad Inspired by the Patrick Troughton era (1966-1969) and International Electromatics…

2 28 Feb 2013

Next Red Doctor Who Dalek T-Shirt

Next Red Doctor Who Dalek T-Shirt featuring the Eternal (Yellow), Supreme (White) and Drone (Red) Daleks. Available in sizes 3-16…

10 25 Feb 2013

Ripple Junction T Shirts – February Update

Ripple Junction, the official licensee of Doctor Who apparel would like your opinion on some new Doctor Who designs in the works and generally like to get feedback …

13 24 Feb 2013

Doctor Who – The Doctors T-Shirt

Classic Doctor Who ‘The Doctors’ t-shirt in black featuring all eleven Doctors through the years right up to Matt Smith!..

12 7 Feb 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 1st Doctor Designs

Dark Bunny T Shirts 1st Doctor Designs – I.M. Foreman: Scrap Merchant, Inspired by ‘An Unearthly Child’ (1963) and Masters of Earth Mining Company Inspired by…

5 1 Feb 2013

7th Doctor Costume T Shirt New Design

Enjoy fashionably tasteful time travel with this fantastic Forbidden Planet Exclusive T-Shirt designed to commemorate the Sylvester McCoy’s iconic outfit!…

2 16 Nov 2012
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