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Doctor Who 4th Doctor’s Hat (USA)

When you think of Tom Baker, the first thing that pops to mind is his iconic scarf. In fact, 4th Doctor cosplay is easy. Wear your granddad’s clothes…

21 27 Aug 2013

Captain Jack Harkness T-Shirt Costume

Time Agent, Conman, Torchwood Leader, Immortal. Captain Jack has been many things, but one thing never changes – his sense of style!..

7 25 Jul 2013

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Costume T-Shirts

Doctor Who T-Shirts: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart Costume (Forbidden Planet Exclusive) Step out in style as the Brigadier with this wonderful tee featuring UNIT’s finest!…

8 8 Jun 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 5th Doctor Designs

Spectrox Refinery Inspired by ‘The Caves of Androzani’ (1984) and RE-GEN5 Praxis Gas Detector Inspired by the Peter Davison era (1981-1984)…

2 6 Jun 2013

Doctor Who Hedgewicks T-shirts

Doctor Who T-Shirt: Hedgewicks Logo as worn by the Ride Attendants at Hedgewicks World Theme Parka and Hedgewicks Spacey Zoomer. Show everyone that…

3 15 May 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 4th Doctor Designs

Dark Bunny T Shirts 4th Doctor Designs – Chase Mansion – Botanical Gardens Inspired by ‘The Seeds of Doom’ (1976) and Intergalactic Floral Society…

1 23 Apr 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 3rd Doctor Designs

Dark Bunny T Shirts 3rd Doctor Designs – Venusian AikidoInspired by the John Pertwee era and Auto Plastics Inspired by ‘Spearhead From Space’ (1970)..

6 28 Mar 2013

3rd Doctor Three Doctors Costume T-Shirt

Dress like the 3rd Doctor as he appeared in the groundbreaking story “The Three Doctors” – only without the need to mess around with bow ties…

7 8 Mar 2013

Buckle-Down Doctor Who Seat Belts (USA)

Seatbelt belts are made with an authentic metal seat belt buckle. The belt is “one size fits most” that adjusts easily to fit a size 24 to 38 inch waist…

19 1 Mar 2013

Dark Bunny T Shirts 2nd Doctor Designs

Dark Bunny T Shirts 2nd Doctor Designs: Cosmic Hobo: Monster Squad Inspired by the Patrick Troughton era (1966-1969) and International Electromatics…

2 28 Feb 2013

Next Red Doctor Who Dalek T-Shirt

Next Red Doctor Who Dalek T-Shirt featuring the Eternal (Yellow), Supreme (White) and Drone (Red) Daleks. Available in sizes 3-16…

10 25 Feb 2013

Ripple Junction T Shirts – February Update

Ripple Junction, the official licensee of Doctor Who apparel would like your opinion on some new Doctor Who designs in the works and generally like to get feedback …

13 24 Feb 2013

Doctor Who – The Doctors T-Shirt

Classic Doctor Who ‘The Doctors’ t-shirt in black featuring all eleven Doctors through the years right up to Matt Smith!..

12 7 Feb 2013
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