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The Companion Chronicles 5.10

Some time after leaving UNIT, Liz Shaw calls the Doctor to Cambridge University, where scientists are experimenting with time dilation. A device hurls…

0 4 Mar 2011

Big Finish 144 Doctor Who: The Feast of Axos

Many years ago, the vast space parasite Axos attempted to suck the planet Earth of its energy. Now it’s all but forgotten – a dried-up husk, marooned in orbit…

0 1 Mar 2011

Big Finish 8th Doctor 4.09 Lucie Miller

‘Hello! Doctor, it’s me. Lucie. Lucie Miller…’ Lucie Miller needs the Doctor’s help. The whole planet Earth needs his help. But he is nowhere to be seen….

2 28 Feb 2011

The Companion Chronicles 5.09

Time Walkers have descended upon the Earth. This alien race, known as The Vist, has claimed an area of time for itself – any species entering into…

0 4 Feb 2011

Doctor Who The Lost Stories 2.03

Moscow 1967. The Doctor and Ace have arrived behind the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union is seeking a new weapon that will give it mastery…

4 6 Jan 2011

The Companion Chronicles 5.08

When the TARDIS materializes in a familiar junkyard in the 1960s, the Doctor and Steven are soon embroiled in a mystery in the City of London…

2 6 Jan 2011

The Companion Chronicles 5.07

Zarl is going to steal all the water of Earth and sell it to the highest bidder. Or blow up the San Andreas fault. Or the planet. Or something like that…

2 6 Jan 2011

The Companion Chronicles 5.06

Before Totter’s Yard, before Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, before the Chameleon Circuit was broken… the Doctor and Susan travelled alone…

1 20 Dec 2010

Big Finish – An Earthy Child

Thirty years on from the Daleks’ invasion of Earth, the scars still haven’t healed. The survivors inhabit a world thrown back two hundred years…

4 10 Nov 2010

Big Finish – The Four Doctors

Big Finish – The Four Doctors – The four incarnations of the Doctor are faced with an army of Daleks. Available only to subscribers of the monthly Doctor Who range…

11 10 Nov 2010

Big Finish 142 -The Demons of Red Lodge

Big Finish 142 -Doctor Who: The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories A long, dark night in 17th century Suffolk for the TARDIS travellers…Released 31st Dec 2010

6 10 Nov 2010

Big Finish 8th Doctor 4.05 Deimos

Millions of years ago, the noble Ice Warriors fled to Deimos, moon of Mars, hoping to sit out the radioactive death throes of their home planet….

10 22 Jul 2010

Big Finish – Jago and Litefoot Series Two

Starring Christopher Benjamin as Henry Gordon Jago and Trevor Baxter as Professor Litefoot. Four brand new stories featuring the investigators of infernal incidents, in one box set…

1 19 May 2010
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