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September 21st, 2012 410 comments

Rory Williams 5″ Action Figure Gray Shirt, Black Vest

Rory Williams BBC / Doctor Who Experience Exclusive

Order on-line from

Please note this is an on-line or BBC retail shop ( Including The Doctor Who Experience ) exclusive.

Amy Pond’s fiancée who, on his stag night found himself whisked away in the TARDIS. After defeating the Saturnynes and the Dream Lord, Rory was killed saving the Doctor’s life during a battle with the Silurians. However, his body was absorbed by the time energies leaking across time and space – resulting in him never having existed. However, his essence was placed into an Auton replica of himself in Roman times and after briefly reuniting with Amy, he accidentally killed her.

To restore her, the Doctor placed her in the Pandorica and for two thousand years Rory stood guard over her, the legendary Lone Centurion. When time was finally rebooted, Rory became human again, married Amy and once again joined her and the Doctor in the TARDIS. Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with this incredibly detailed and fully articulated 5-inch Rory Williams action figure. One supplied. For ages 5 years and over.

This item is also available from The Doctor Who Experience. It is also available in BBC shops, Please check on availability before travelling.

BBC Southern Counties Radio Shop

40-42 Queens Road, Brighton
Telephone: 01273 320413

BBC Leicester Shop

9 St Nicholas Place, Leicester
Telephone: 0116 2016612

BBC Birmingham Shop
BBC Birmingham, The Mailbox, Birmingham
B1 1RF
Telephone: 0121 6321372

BBC Merseyside Shop
57 Hanover Street, Liverpool
L1 3DS
Telephone: 0151 794 0908

Television Centre
Audience Foyer Wood Lane, London
W12 7RJ
Telephone: 0208 225 8230

Please note access to Television Centre is restricted to audiences and Television Centre tours.

Tunbridge Wells
The Great Hall, Mount Pleasant Rd, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Telephone: 01892 530915

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  • imaginethatnodoor

    August 21st, 2012 - 8:23pm

    Prefer this to the other one


    August 21st, 2012 - 8:12pm

    One thig I just thought of is… people who are complaining about the fact a lot of his costume is Primeval stuff… You cant blame them. And anyway… when the next wave comes out I’m sure we’ll get a different Rory (Like with the River varient) and others e.i. new Amy, New Doctor MAYBE a Jenna-Louise.


    August 21st, 2012 - 7:57pm

    After saying that the hair is wrong, I realised that Rory has had three hair styles. One – the scruffy look 2 – the combed, quiff-like look and 3 – the scruffy shortish hair (When he was a roman he had this hair like on the figure). (Not counting the pony tail 🙄 ) It IS wrong yet slighty right.

  • Anonymous

    August 21st, 2012 - 7:04pm

    The BBC shop version looks like something he would wear in fact it looks like what he is wearing in asylum of the daleks. I have just ordered this!!

    • Wouldyoulikeajellybaby?

      August 21st, 2012 - 7:24pm

      He wears this in Series 5 what he wears in Asylum is alot different.

    • Doctor Stu

      August 21st, 2012 - 8:25pm

      Oh yeh just looked at the asylum pics of Rory, the hair looks similar though

  • dalek 1

    August 21st, 2012 - 6:28pm

    does not look like him a lot could of been better

    🙁 🙁

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 7:34pm

      Put your finger over the hair then say if it looks like him

    • wholords2

      August 21st, 2012 - 8:05pm

      go on dr who toys net forum and look at my
      edited rory it can look alot better if u sculpt and repaint the hair

    • Doctor Stu

      August 21st, 2012 - 11:54pm

      It looks really good I think they should have released that one aswell

  • poojoo

    August 21st, 2012 - 6:03pm

    Was about to order the stndard one then by luck came on here just as i was going to checkout and noticed this…… So since its cheaper and look better, i quickly changed my mind and ordered this, cant wait untill it is here 🙂 waited over 2 years and finally. This is the only figure i am buyinh as i stopped collecting 🙂 hope it look better in hand though 😛

  • I Luv McFly Harry Judd

    August 21st, 2012 - 6:00pm

    they have been using parts of primevil figures again

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 7:35pm

      What do you mean ” again “?

  • Jason doctorwhoone

    August 21st, 2012 - 5:47pm

    I like the look of that standard release more.

    This BBC Shop version in my opinion looks kinda bland and boring.

    • @SirRoundSound

      August 21st, 2012 - 5:53pm

      I completely disagree, I prefer this version so much more, the other one is a bit of an eye sore, and will stick out so much, good in some cases, but not right now for me, so hence why I ordered 2 of this one, and not the other

    • Jason doctorwhoone

      August 21st, 2012 - 6:47pm

      Well I did say ‘my opinion’ 😛

  • the ergon

    August 21st, 2012 - 5:45pm


  • Scott

    August 21st, 2012 - 5:45pm

    Sorry but is there a BBC shop near White City train station or is that just the studios? Like will you be able to buy it from there or not or is it just online?

    • booboo

      August 21st, 2012 - 5:46pm

      not sure but i suspect these will be in the BBC shops as well

  • drwhosnippets

    August 21st, 2012 - 5:38pm

    I’m gonna buy one of each and keep this one packaged. I was planning on buying 2 from FP but now I have changed my mind!

    • WhoEleven

      August 21st, 2012 - 5:45pm

      Agreed DWS!

    • The12thDoctor

      August 21st, 2012 - 5:45pm

      i thought you where on here xD are you going to review it?

  • David

    August 21st, 2012 - 5:20pm

    Already oredered 2.. I’m pretty sure this BBC Shop exclusive will become a very sought after and rare action figure, like the time crash, so hurry up and grab one! 😀

    • @SirRoundSound

      August 21st, 2012 - 5:37pm

      Hey, is this EdinburghWho? 🙂 You know me! Not sure if you will remember though 🙂

  • Nicholas

    August 21st, 2012 - 5:05pm

    I think i’ll get this one instead of the regular. The colours are nicer

  • WhoEleven

    August 21st, 2012 - 4:29pm

    I think this one looks better than the normal release
    Do you think this will be a fast seller?

    • The Silent Silent

      August 21st, 2012 - 4:30pm

      in one word. YES

    • Mumble5557

      August 21st, 2012 - 4:37pm

      Yes. That’s why I am after two of this variant (well it’s an exclusive aswell)

  • gary

    August 21st, 2012 - 4:27pm

    Everyone saw the word Exclusive sowas interested. It looks better than the original so everyone was interested. It’s only a tenner so we all bought it! They won’t arrive at our doors until about June haha!!

  • timelord22

    August 21st, 2012 - 4:21pm

    Just pre-ordered this 🙂

    • booboo the third

      August 21st, 2012 - 5:15pm


  • Mumble5557

    August 21st, 2012 - 4:09pm

    Probably buying two of these and one of the other

  • Judooning

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:58pm

    Just pre-ordered this.

    Did anyone else order from their shop ‘as a guest’? Because i did and there is no where that shows me my order status. I know my order has obviously been taken because they sent me an email confirming it…But it would just be nice to see my order status on the site.

    • Doctor Stu

      August 21st, 2012 - 11:57pm

      Did you order on an iPad/iPod instead of a computer because I tried to order mine via my iPad and it wouldn’t work so i did it on the main computer

  • tom

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:57pm

    much better than the other one.

  • whovianmaster

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:54pm

    its a preey good figure except i was expecting a little more and also i think it looks nothin like rory but still its a great figure 🙂

  • @SirRoundSound

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:31pm

    So just Pre-ordered 2 of this figure, and 1 of the other variant, just to be on the safe side, I noticed the Exclusive one comes out 2 days after the release of the other variant, not sure why, but will be nice to have them coming roughly at the same time, so really excited for this figure as you can tell 😀

  • timelord22

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:24pm

    I’ll just have to buy both!

  • Dtron Wunder

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:22pm

    I wonder if there will be a roman variant aswell ,
    i wished one of these would have been that one ! also with the auton gun hand

  • @SirRoundSound

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:18pm

    Just Pre-ordered this figure, not sure if I will order the non-exclusive one yet, this one looks much nicer, and I think, will looks better on display, rather than a bright blue and red figure, so this has won me over, really can’t wait for this figure now, been ages since I have wanted a figure like this!

    • @SirRoundSound

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:21pm

      Just ordered another, not going to risk only buying one just in case or a paint error on one, and since it is an exclusive to the BBC Shop, it won’t be round for long, and if I wanted to get hold of another, I am not going to risk paying Ebay prices, so better safe than sorry!

    • Nathan

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:23pm

      I have pre-ordered both of them. this is so I can take the one out of the packaging (thee non exclusive) and keep the exclusive one in packaging. Therefore, if possible I would recommend getting both

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:23pm

      Can someone send me a link to the BBC shop one please?

    • booboo

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:24pm

      its on the page at the top

    • @SirRoundSound

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:25pm

      Yes, good point, might order just one of the non-exclusive one, it doesn’t look that good compared to this one, but will be nice to have it anyway, and here’s the link 🙂

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:25pm


  • Rooners

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:10pm

    I didnt realise the BBC shop website have free delivery in the UK…and some very old anbd cheap figures.

    Anyway…just a silly question…did Rory actually wear either of the outfits of these two figures? I think the blue bodywarmer is the only thing I’ve seen him in…but neither of the shirts or the black bodywarmer…maybe I should take more notice 🙂

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:15pm

      No I don’t remember him in these clothes either

    • Dtron Wunder

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:17pm

      Im now looking on the website and i can see many “old” figures for sale for reasonable prices and im now going to make an account on it , very tempted to get the racnoss deluxe alongside pre ordering rory

    • Dtron Wunder

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:19pm

      The reaper is only 12.99 :0

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:20pm

      I got the reaper in toys r us in 2007 for £7

    • Wouldyoulikeajellybaby?

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:25pm

      The Clothes are from Series 5 Episodes 8 & 9 The Hungry Earth And Cold Blood.

    • Anonymous

      August 21st, 2012 - 4:16pm

      Yeah, it is just a messed up version of the costume fro mThe Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. Apparently they can’t make the “chequered” design so jsut go for a single colour instead.

      The other one wasn’t worn on screen (it probablly comes from promo pictures from last year).

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 4:21pm

      It looks like the doctors wife but they’ve bogged up the shirt

  • Dtron Wunder

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:05pm

    Hmm i like this one and i like the other one i cant decide which one is best , theres only one way to find out ………… FIGHT !!!!!! LOL

    • Dtron Wunder

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:18pm

      I think ill get this one ! because the bright dark red colour doesnt look very attractive (not in that way !) but i do like this shirt !

  • Anonymous

    August 21st, 2012 - 3:05pm

    Who’s this meant to be? 😛 A guy from Primeval it looks like.

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:08pm

      They have reused the arms and legs from a primeval figure so hes not far off!

  • Give me a Dalek any day

    August 21st, 2012 - 2:57pm

    The description is a bit misleading isn’t it? Makes it sound like a Roman Rory figure.

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 2:59pm

      Yeah it should have just said that he amys husband that’s a simple thing to say about him! Oh don’t forget to mention his nose!!!

  • Doctorpond393

    August 21st, 2012 - 2:56pm

    I prefer the other one if I’m honest. But seriously we wait two years for one and then two come along at once!?!?!?

  • Proffesor When

    August 21st, 2012 - 2:56pm

    Isn’t that just a repaint of the whoblackpool one?

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 2:56pm


    • Proffesor When

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:01pm

      Shame, i would love an auton roman version.

    • Doctorpond393

      August 21st, 2012 - 3:02pm

      Yeah that would have been cool maybe the doctor who experience will have a variant and it will be that

    • Wouldyoulikeajellybaby?

      August 21st, 2012 - 4:00pm

      Apparently there will be a Doctor Who Experience Exclusive Rory figure but based of his appearence at the start of Day Of The Moon where he has tally marks all over him.

    • Anonymous

      August 21st, 2012 - 4:17pm

      And chances are they’ll want to repaint that and have the standard version, and one from The Doctor’s Wife won’t be too hard now they have the basic sculpt.

      Typical you wait ages for a Rory and then five show up at once.