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August 3rd, 2020 no comments

Orcini to Return in Spin-off Comic – But only With Your Help!

Classic Doctor Who character Orcini to return in spin-off comic – but only with yourhelp!

Launching to huge interest, ​Cutaway Comics​, the new independent imprint featuring worlds and characters from the world of BBC Television’s ​Doctor Who​,​​ is delighted to announce stretch goals for their hugely successful Kickstarter.

The top goal will be a pilot for a new series of comics featuring ​ORCINI: Master of the Grand Order of Oberon​, as played by William Gaunt in the 1985 Doctor Who story“Revelation of the Daleks”. Oricini is a space knight, who battles evil across the five galaxies with his loyal squire, Bostock, at his side.This is a long overdue return for one of Eric Saward’s most celebrated creations; ​Orcini​.The tales of these legendary caste of space knights who dedicate their lives to fighting against evil are known across the Galaxy. The legends of these quasi-mystic beings speakfor themselves.

For reasons we have yet to learn, one of their number, Orcini, has been excommunicated from the Order. Cast out and dishonoured, Orcini has been reborn as a Soldier of Fortune.Accompanied by his faithful squire, Bostock, this mythical pair have embarked on a Galaxy-spanning quest to vanquish evil and maybe, restore their honour.Orcini has had many adventures. Songs of his victories are sung across the Five Galaxies.The legends talk of a man who need just breathe on his enemies to make them wither and die. But the latest assignment has Orcini at a disadvantage. On paper, it seems a straight rescue, but is life ever that simple at the Outer Systems of the Galaxy?

Publisher ​Gareth Kavanagh​ comments: “Orcini and Bostock are a refined double act, played with flair, and completely in keeping with some of the finest duos to have graced Doctor Who’s screens. The thought to bring them back for this Kickstarter was irresistible,and a perfect way to reward those who have pledged their support to the project already, ifwe can meet the stretch goals.”

Gareth adds, “Lytton and Orcini are two characters that Doctor Who fans can’t quite let goof – it is testament to Eric’s creation of them that fans want to see more stories with them and explore their backgrounds further. We are very proud to exploring them with their creator at the helm, and if the pilot is successful, we’d love to continue Orcini’s adventures.”

Orcini is available to those backing the Cutaway Comics Kickstarter and will be issued if thetop funding goal is met. Other goals include merchandise packages which include new commentaries for classic Doctor Who serials, and prints and posters based around launch title ​Lytton​. Cutaway Comics continues to invest in the future of the imprint with work progressing on future titles which include ​Omega: Vengeance​ and ​Paradise Towers: Paradise Found​.

The Kickstarter can be found at​ along with information on the project and an introductory video. More information can be found on the Cutaway Comics website at​ or in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine which features an article with interviews including Eric Saward, Bob Baker, Stephen Wyatt and artists Barry Renshaw and John Ridgway.

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