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December 11th, 2020 no comments

Now Reduced Even Further – Doctor Who Figures Now Available in The USA

Most of this years Doctor Who sets are now available to order from the official USA seller via #ad

At the time of writing the official USA seller has reduced all sets even further to $19.99 each

The latest 2 sets are listed and did go live for a very short time and stock sent out but are now marked unavailable

The Witch’s Familiar Collector Figure Set #ad

Coal Hill School Collector Figure Set #ad

Individual links…

The Visitation 5th Doctor and Tardis #ad

Thirteenth Doctor Companions Set #ad

1975 UNIT Zygons Set #ad

Third and Fourth Doctors Companions Set #ad

History of The Daleks Set 3 #ad

History of The Daleks Set 4 #ad

Doctor Who Companions of The 4th Doctor Set

Friends and Foes of The 13th Doctor Set

1971 U.N.I.T. Claws of Axos Set

Second Doctor and Tardis Set

History of The Daleks Set 1

History of The Daleks Set 2

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