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Doctor Who Easter 2012 Eggs and Mug

Doctor Who Easter 2012 products – Milk chocolate eggs with ceramic mug featuring The Cybermen and Milk chocolate egg with 8 choc bars…

46 19 Jan 2012

Doctor Who 2011 Celebrations Fun Pack

Doctor Who Party Fun pack featuring Daleks and the Weeping Angels with sweets, games and surprises – idea for Birthdays, holidays and celebrations….

23 19 Sep 2011

Doctor Who 2011 Easter Eggs & Mug

Doctor Who 2011 Easter Eggs & Mug: One large and 3 small eggs plus Doctor Who mug with images of A Dalek, Silurian, weeping angel and Doctor Who logo.

35 25 Feb 2011

Marks & Spencer Doctor Who 2011 Easter Eggs

Marks and Spencer Doctor Who 2011 Easter Eggs: A milk chocolate egg with chocolate disks and two sheets of cool stickers, available in Strategist or Drone colours…

51 22 Jan 2011