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Doctor Who Sponge Celebration Cake

Currently on sale within Asda and Tesco stores. The cake is a moist sponge filled with raspberry jam and sweeting filling, covered in softer and decorated with edible…

29 13 Nov 2013

Doctor Who Cardooos Greetings Cards

Two brand new Doctor Who adventures are now in the shops in the guise of ‘Cardooos’ – the new birthday card with hidden pages inside. Packed with games…

68 31 Oct 2011

Doctor Who 2011 Celebrations Fun Pack

Doctor Who Party Fun pack featuring Daleks and the Weeping Angels with sweets, games and surprises – idea for Birthdays, holidays and celebrations….

23 19 Sep 2011

Doctor Who 2010 celebration cake

Doctor Who 2010 celebration cake .. Moist sponge filled with delicious buttercream and fruity raspberry jam covered in soft icing with edible decorations…

25 21 Jul 2010

2010 Series Five Birthday Cards

A selection of new series Five Birthday cards, some including sound effects and featuring the 11th Doctor, The new Victory Daleks and the Tardis…

14 4 May 2010

Birthday E-Cards

Create you own Birthday E-Cards and send them to family and friends…

2 15 Jun 2009

Doctor Who Partyware

A full range of Doctor Who partyware products are available including plates,Cyberman and empty child masks…

3 8 Jun 2008