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Big Chief Eleventh Doctor 1:6 Scale Figure News

From Big Chief Studios: Due to circumstances beyond our control we have to regretfully inform you that the shipping date for the 11th Doctor has been delayed until the end of April…

0 9 Jan 2012

The Ultimate Classic Doctor Who Figure Poll

As promised after 23,000 + votes we have taken the top four classic companions and the top two classic Charters from each of the Seven Doctors – Let the battle commence…

72 30 Dec 2011

The Classic Figure Monster / Character Poll

Included are seven polls split into each of the first 7 Doctors with the main characters and monsters from their era. Once these polls have been running for a while…

38 20 Dec 2011

Which Series 6 Figures Would You Like Released?

Poll: Over 1450 Individual Votes for Rory Figure – I thought I would bring this to the front for another look, its interesting just how many potential figures we haven’t had yet!…

662 18 Dec 2011

FP Steven Moffat Gary Russell Interviews

Steven Steven Moffat talks about Doctor Who merchandise, “it used to be the wrong shape”. Enjoy these exclusive interviews with Gary Russell and Steven Moffat….

13 2 Dec 2011

Series 6 Soundtrack Album Teaser Track

Listen to Teaser track: ‘5.02 pm’ (from ‘The Wedding of River Song’ episode) Track taken from Doctor Who Series 6 OST which is released on December 19, 2011…

34 29 Nov 2011

Monster Invasion Cards Give-away – Closed

We have a big pile of Monster Invasion cards (with duplicates) which we would like to give away. Just leave an appropriate comment of some sort and a valid…

160 27 Nov 2011

John Barrowman and Eve Myles HMV signing

Fans of the hit BBC One series Torchwood get the chance to meet stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles, in person, when they visit HMV’s flagship Oxford Street…

15 24 Nov 2011

Q&A With Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Ended)

Matt Smith (the Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) will be taking take part in a Q&A session hosted by celebrity Doctor Who fan…

11 21 Nov 2011

Two New Who Shop London Signings

Two New Who Shop London Signings, Michael Troughton Saturday 26th November and Richard Franklin and Peter Mills Monday 2nd January signing The Unit Boxset…

3 21 Nov 2011

The Doctor Who Site 2011 Christmas Wish List

The Doctor Who Site Interactive 2011 Christmas wish List which you can save, change and print out your most wanted Doctor Who merchandise items for Christmas 2011…

234 16 Nov 2011