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Doctor Who – Duffle Bag Exterminate

Intensely xenophobic and bent on universal domination after the destruction of their own planet, the Daleks were hated and feared throughout time and space…

6 10 Feb 2015

Doctor Who – TARDIS Umbrella

When the Doctor first touched the TARDIS console he said the ship was the most beautiful thing he’d ever known. And then he stole it, choosing to crash…

3 10 Feb 2015

Doctor Who:Van Gogh Keyring

Doctor Who:Van Gogh Keyring Featuring the Vincent van Gogh painting “Blue Box Exploding” first seen in The Pandorica Opens…

5 24 Jan 2015

Vandor Doctor Who Tardis Shaped Tin Tote

Whether it’s holding lunch or storing gear, Vandor’s fun retro tin totes are sure to please. Designed with all your favorite iconic characters, they are also…

0 7 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Tardis Zipper Backpack

Doctor Who Tardis Zipper Backpack. Includes 1x Tardis backpack Zipper top enclosure Adjustable straps Officially licensed…

5 5 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Tardis Tablecloth

The Doctor Who TARDIS Tablecloth is a very sturdy tablecloth, indeed. It looks like the front of the TARDIS and will protect any table it’s placed upon…

6 4 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Melamine Square Plate Set

These plates are based on the designs on the TARDIS. We’re thinking we might mount the St. John’s Ambulance and the Pull to Open plates side by side…

6 4 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Tardis King Duvet Set

Transport yourself to a world of sleep while rocking some appreciation for the phenomenon that is Doctor Who with this awesome duvet set!…

1 23 Sep 2014