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Doctor Who Canvas Print Clara Painting

Doctor Who Canvas Print: Clara Painting – This great canvas recreates the Doctor’s painting of Clara from the episode ‘The Bells Of Saint John’…

24 19 Apr 2013

ScifiCollector Commemorative Stamp Covers

ScifiCollector Classic Commemorative Stamp Covers. All the covers are a limited edition with edition number validation on the reverse and signed in person…

5 25 Mar 2013

Scificollector Doctors 1-8 Signed Art Prints

Scificollector Doctors 1-8 Signed Art Prints each a limited edition A4 size print featuring a Royal Mail stamp cancelled by their ‘Seal of Rassilon’ postmark….

15 24 Mar 2013

Doctor Who Tardis Pin Badge

Now you can take the iconic TARDIS with you wherever you travel. This high quality Pin Badge has been created from the actual artwork for the First Class..

1 7 Mar 2013

Royal Mail Doctor Stamp Strips /Books

A delightful gift or collectible, the Stamp Book includes the William Hartnell and Matt Smith stamps, plus four First Class Tardis stamps…

6 7 Mar 2013

Royal Mail Doctor Who First Day Covers

With stamps featuring the three most recent Doctors affixed, this collectible cover is cancelled with a Cardiff postmark, chosen as it is the home..

7 7 Mar 2013

Royal Mail Doctor Who Stamp Set

With his trademark tweed jacket and bow tie, Matt Smith was the youngest actor appointed to play the role. Regenerating from David Tennant in the 2010

3 7 Mar 2013

Royal Mail Doctor Who Framed Stamps

The perfect addition to any wall, this striking item features all 11 Doctor Who Special Stamps, individually mounted within a black ash effect frame…

2 7 Mar 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Travel Mug Set

Each month of 2013 will have a different travel mug. One side will feature the silhouette of the Doctor and the other the Doctor Who logo from that season…

7 4 Mar 2013