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M&S Pure Cotton Doctor Who T-Shirt

For a relaxed, casual look, this t-shirt with assorted designs features Doctor Who, making it ideal for fans. Made from soft pure cotton, it’s a great value easycare style…

4 5 Dec 2013

Doctor Who BBC Shop Anniversary T-Shirts

Exclusively made for BBC Shop to Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who. All Eleven Doctors feature on their own T-Shirt with the official 50th Anniversary…

4 14 Nov 2013

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Dress Up Costume

Tweak your bow tie as you take on the persona of the Eleventh Doctor, as brought to the screen by the irrepressible Matt Smith. Intelligent, excited…

0 13 Nov 2013

Doctor Who Weeping Angel (Adult) Costume

Take horror to a new dimension this Halloween! With your wings at your back, fly in search of time energy but watch others don’t meet your gaze or you’ll become…

23 13 Oct 2013

Doctor Who: Adult TARDIS Fleece Robe

To all aspiring Timelords out there: we found your new favourite outfit! This amazing Doctor Who hooded bathrobe is the perfect chill out garment after a whole…

6 13 Sep 2013