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August 21st, 2019 no comments

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A Closer Look 2019 B&M Sets Pictures and Comparisons

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The 5th Doctor Caves of Androzani Tardis Set.

There is no doubt the 5th Doctors Tardis was the one everyone was asking for after a few prototypes were seen some years ago. Presented in the new style guide packaging first seen with the 4th Doctor set, this Caves of Androzani set includes The Tardis and a new variant of the 5th Doctor in dirtied clothes.

This look was previously seen on the now rare 6th Doctor figure. The dirtied finish on the 5th Doctor figure is very different to the 6th Doctor release, however the trousers seem a little more accurate to the episode.

The Tardis itself really looks the part and the alteration the base much improves the look. The weathered and battered finish towards the base is really effective. As with all B&M Tardis Sets this is non electronic but still has the opening doors of course.

The Bases below show the 3rd Doctor Tardis and The new 4th Doctor (Shada) Tardis. This clearly shows the significant difference between the two. As mentioned this new base is also used on the 5th Doctor Tardis.

The 4th Doctor Shada Tardis set

The second 4th Doctor set from B&M features the Tardis and 4th Doctor as seen in Shada.

The Tardis itself features the new thinner black base, a reddish look to some of the window panels and a very welcome new lamp which overall gives this a completely unique look over other Tardis releases.

The 4th Doctor figure is a new variant with open shirt, long brown coat, boots and of course the scarf. This is another extremely good set and another one to add to your ever growing Tardis collection.

The Two Doctor Set.

This set is without doubt one of the highlights of this years releases. Every figure is either a significant variant or “new”. This year also sees the 3 figure sets in the new style guide packaging for the first time.

This sets includes Sontaran Stike (complete with helmet) which is a brand new head sculpt mostly using existing Sontaran tooling for the body, A completely new variant of the 2nd Doctor as an Androgum and a new variant of Peri.

All the Peri’s… This new variant is probably the best to date. It wont go unnoticed however that the arms appear a little to long with a combination of previous part being used. It does show when lined up with the others but on its own is of little consequence. The top is very well finished as is the head band and we think this the best looking of all the releases so far.

Complete at last… All the Sontatans including Stike from the Two Doctors, Stor from the Invasion of Time, Linx from The Time Warrior and Field-Major Styre from The Sontaran Experiment.

All the figures shown here (except Stike ) are the originals released some years ago. Two of them have been re-released in the B&M Sontaran set and vary in themselves. These will be featured later (we don’t have this set yet).

The Two (older) 2nd Doctors… Left is shown the 2nd Doctor from the 13 Doctors set released a few years ago. This was the first time it was “aged”. The new Androgum variant with distinctive red eyebrows is shown right. Much of the other features such as trousers and handkerchief are all different.

The Seventh Doctor Set.

Along with classic Sontarans, The Sliver Nemesis Cybermen set has been one of the more difficult to come by and a re-release has long been called for. Well here they are, along with a slight variant of the 7th Doctor.

Both coming with guns, these re-releases do have differences to the originals. The helmets have a more silver appearance, its been explained a chrome finish is just not possible on this type of product. The tubes are also a bit tighter and clear as apposed to the original with have a slight tinge. The most noticeable diffidence however are the blackened eyes.

The 7th Doctor is a straight variant of the figure originally released in the Toys r us 7th Doctor / Dalek Set. The figure has a lighter jacked a no decoration on the handkerchief or tie. Both are shown below along with the standard Cyberman from the B&M set (left) and the original release (right).

The Big Finish War Doctor / Dalek Set.

The War Doctor in this set is without scarf otherwise very similar to the original release but with slight lighter trousers and greyer hair. The distressed jacked probably looks a little better on the B&M version.

The Dalek Scientist is a variant of the Bronze Dalek but with silver top and hemispheres. This Dalek also has a weathered appearance. Big Finish had their own set limited to 150 units. The Dalek in their set had silver instead of Gold slats.

All the War Doctors…

The original version (left), The B&M set version center showing the lighter trousers and greyer hair and the much darker clothed 13 Doctors set variant (right).

The Big Finish 8th Doctor / Dalek Set.

This set features a completely new take on the 8th Doctor. Far from being a slight variant over previous releases this figure features him in a blue jacket, white top and blue jeans.

The Dalek Interrogator Prime is again a new variant of the Bronze Dalek in a very striking blue colour with silver top, slats and hemispheres. Again this Dalek is weathered. The Big Finish exclusive set limited to 150 units had the 8th Doctor in Black shoes and a lighter eye on the Dalek.

All the 8th Doctors…

The 13th Doctors set “injured” version left, 2nd from left is the FP/UT release, center sees the new B&M version, and then the 2 original releases. Admittedly not one of Characters finest moments the Toys r us Doctor Dalek set version is far right and the 11 Doctors set version 2nd from right.

The Big Finish 7th Doctor and Dalek Set.

This set features the 7th Doctor in an outfit as close to the TV movie as possible and is a completely new variant of this figure.

The Dalek is essentially a bronze Dalek with black top and hemispheres. In The Big Finish exclusive set, the 7th Doctor had a lighter top.

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