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Diamond Classic 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Re-Release Replica of Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver with hidden UV pen and light for secret writing. An extension of the TARDIS’s fantastic advanced technology…

13 26 Jan 2017

Diamond Classic Doctor Who Fob Watch

When the Doctor had to turn himself human to avoid the Family of Blood, he placed his Time Lord consciousness and true physiology inside a small ornate fob watch…

22 15 Apr 2015

Diamond Classic Sonic pen & Screwdriver Set

With this fantastic set, you get Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver and the Adiposian wet nurse’s Sonic Pen! These authentically modeled goodies both have black

1 28 Mar 2015

Diamond Classic Vortex Manipulator and Sonic

A Time Agent’s personal time-travel device, supplied with a miniature Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. Both items include light effects and are highly detailed….

0 28 Mar 2015

Doctor Who Diamond Classic Doomsday 5″ Set

This out-of-this-world giftset presents 3 faithfully replicated 5-inch characters: Doctor Who, Cyberman, and Black Dalek. Use them to recreate your favorite scenes…

96 13 Mar 2015

Diamond Classic Doctor Who 4th Doctor

Detailed likeness of actor Tom Baker from Doctor Who. Action figure includes accessories, multiple points of articulation, and interchangeable heads!…

0 28 Jan 2015

Diamond Classic Rose Tyler and Rusty K9

Rose Tyler was the first companion of the modern series joining the Ninth and Tenth incarnations of the Doctor on many adventures through space and time…

0 28 Jan 2015

Diamond Classic Regenerated 4th Doctor

This 5″ tall action figure depicts the fourth Doctor as he first appeared, newly regenerated at the end of “Planet of the Spiders.”…

114 1 Jan 2015

Diamond Classic Captain Jack with Revolver

Continue your 5-inch scale Doctor Who action figure collection! This Doctor Who Captain Jack Harkness 5-Inch Action Figure is incredibly-detailed and fully-articulated….

0 1 Jan 2015