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June 5th, 2017 10 comments

The Complete History Book Collection Issue 50

Available to order in the UK from

Available to order in the USA from

The definitive history of BBC’s long-running series Doctor Who continues with this volume on the sixth Doctor focusing on season 23, the ‘Trial of a Time Lord’ season.

Illustrated throughout with photographs from the archives and in full-color, this hardcover volume features story summaries, character and actor profiles, pre- and post-production notes, broadcast reaction, and much more.

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  • Dalek Eye Stalk

    August 25th, 2017 - 11:22am

    I still haven’t received issues 50 & 51 yet. I’m a subscriber and I’m wondering if they will be dispatched soon? Or have they missed me out!

    • Anonymous

      August 25th, 2017 - 1:41pm

      You are definitely OVERDUE on your Subscription. Contact them & find out why?

    • Dalek Eye Stalk

      August 26th, 2017 - 6:46pm

      Luckily it arrived today. Pleased to have ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’ book, as it’s not only one of my all time favourite stories, (certainly my favourite of the Colin Baker era), but also it’s troubled background should make for fascinating reading.

    • Dalek Eye Stalk

      August 31st, 2017 - 2:10pm

      Enjoyed this book, one of my favourites of the ‘Complete History’ collection so far. I’ve always considered Mel to be a paradox from an alternate aborted future timeline. A timeline in which the Doctor wasn’t taken out of time and put on Trial. Hence, when the Sixth Doctor selects the Vervoid segment for his defence, he is looking through a future that would have happened had he not been taken out of time. The 7th Doctor in ‘Dragonfire’ comments before she departs with Glitz that he hasn’t even met her yet!

  • Anonymous

    June 6th, 2017 - 4:19pm

    This is my favourite story of all time, the special effects are amazing, especially the space station sequence which is as good as if not better than today’s cgi effects. Great monster designs, and Colin Baker just shines.

    • Tim M

      June 8th, 2017 - 4:41pm

      Colin Baker is superb throughout ‘Trial of a Time Lord’. A worthy epic finale to the Sixth Doctor’s era.

  • Doctor Mysterio

    June 5th, 2017 - 10:32pm

    Fab cover.

  • Tim M

    June 5th, 2017 - 3:01pm

    ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’ is great. Very underrated. ‘Mindwarp’ is my favourite segment.

    • Doctor Mysterio

      June 5th, 2017 - 10:31pm

      I agree.

    • CG

      June 6th, 2017 - 11:57am

      I know! I love trial of a timelord – all parts but especially Vervoids – the whole arc of the season is wonderful – and when the Valeyard is unveiled as you-know-who. Shivers….

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