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Doctor Who Titans 6.5″ 12th Doctor

Continuing the line of our 6.5″ scaled up TITANS, the 12th Doctor is represented here in his “no frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord” style!…

15 19 Dec 2014

Doctor Who Titans 8″ Trenzalore Tardis

When the Doctor travelled to Trenzalore to visit his tomb he found his grave was marked by, what else, his beloved TARDIS. Only, after years of decay it had grown…

16 19 Dec 2014

Doctor Who Titans 3″ Tardis Silver

An extra special silver variant – formerly rare exclusive in the US! This new Doctor Who 3″ TITAN sees the TARDIS beautifully recreated in a stunning metallic finish!…

11 11 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Titans 3″ Geronimo Collection

Have they arrived? A UK ebay seller is listing them individually for those wishing to purchase now… Our second collection devoted to the 11th Doctor, this range of 3…

142 15 Oct 2014
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