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Toys R Us 1st Doctor and Dalek

Toys R Us 1st Doctor and Dalek, other sets include 2nd Doctor with Guard Dalek from Evil of The Daleks, 6th Doctor with Dalek from Revelation…

47 23 Oct 2013

The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule 5″ Figure

The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule – available now – is an individually numbered deluxe box-set, containing exclusive content and memorabilia from Tom Baker’s era…

53 6 Aug 2013

Remembrance of The Daleks Ace Figure

Underground Toys SDCC 2013 Exclusive Ace Figure from Remembrance of the Daleks. Includes removable Jacket with 2 alternative arms to produce t Shirt variant …

763 4 Aug 2013

Toys R Us 10th Doctor and Dalek

The Tenth Doctor had a bright, sparky personality yet he rarely gave second chances to his foes. Leaping back into the TARDIS with a series…

338 28 May 2013

Toys R Us 2nd Doctor and Dalek

The First Doctor regenerated whilst battling the Cybermen during the events of The Tenth Planet and eventually collapsed, exhausted. His body renewed…

96 28 May 2013

Pyramids of Mars Priory Set

Pyramids of Mars “Priory” Collectors set. Contains Masked Sutekh with light up eyes. Marcus Scarman (seems like you can add Jackal head from 1st set)…

213 20 Mar 2013

Figure Set: 5th Doctor & Masters Tardis

Action Figure Collectors Set: 5th Doctor Castrovalva – Post-regeneration Fifth Doctor action figure, Shrunken figure accessory, Master’s TARDIS as a Stone Column…

203 14 Sep 2012
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