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Do You Have A License To Save This Planet?

What do you get if you cross a Krynoid with an Auton, Sontaran and a sombrero wearing Cyberon with a penchant for fine wines and Ex-cell-ent conversation…

2 22 Aug 2012

BBV Productions Cyberon DVD

Doctor Anderson’s patients have permanent brain injury or suffer from brain diseases for which there is no cure. When Thomas Mordley begins introducing tests…

9 22 Aug 2012

Bidding Adieu – A Video Diary

In January 1996 filming began on a new episode of Doctor Who, set in San Francisco but shot in Vancouver Canada. Sylvester McCoy flew out to join the production…

3 22 Aug 2012

BBV/Reeltime Pictures Auton

The Warehouse… UNIT’S highly classified storage and research establishment. Here lie the dead, forgotten relics of past battles…

3 10 Aug 2004

BBV/Reeltime Pictures Auton 3 Awakening

UNIT’S only hope of halting an unstoppable AUTON invasion is to find Lockwosd. But UNIT’S most enigmatic and talented operative is missing….

1 7 Aug 2004

Reeltime Pictures Return to Devils End

Regarded by many DOCTOR WHO fans as the best all round Jon Pertwee story, THE DAEMONS featured the village of Aldbourne as its central location…

3 7 Aug 2002

BBV Video Zygon

They,ve been stranded on Earth for 20 years, so Zygon commander Kritakh and his second, Torlakh, have had plenty of time to recreate their world…

8 7 Aug 2002

Reeltime Pictures Daemos Rising

When Kate Lethbridge-Stewart responds to a message from an ex-UNIT operative she has no idea what she is getting herself into…

5 7 Aug 2002

Doctor At Sea and The Megeve Experiment

In July 2002, an experiment took place… two DOCTOR WHO actors, SOPHIE ALDRED and DEBORAH WATLING, travelled to France with Director CHRISTOPHER BARRY…

0 7 Aug 2001

K9 Unleashed

Intended to appear in just four episodes, K9 stayed for over three years and went on to star in his own spin-off special K9 & COMPANY!…

0 7 Aug 2001

Lust in Space

Doctor Who travelled with the most gorgeous girls in the’Cosmos. But was there any Lust in Space? ( not to be taken seriously )…

2 7 Aug 2001

Who’s Who / The and Now

In the 1980’s US public television station New Jersey Network produced some groundbreaking documentaries about DOCTOR WHO…

0 7 Aug 2001

Reunited / My Doctor Who Diary

It was an operation worthy of UNIT itself… bringing The Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney), Captain Yates (Richard Franklin) and RSM Benton (John Levene)…

0 7 Aug 2001

Patrick Troughton in America

During the 1980’s Patrick Troughton overcame his reluctance to make personal appearances and began attending conventions…

0 7 Aug 2001
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